Take a Deep Dive Into the New MacBook Pro

Any Apple release is accompanied by fawning fans rushing out to make their next purchase and is inevitably followed by some howling about this feature or that feature. So, before you jump into buying a pricey new MacBook Pro, check out the pros and cons of Apple's latest big release, the 16-inch MacBook Pro. 

Colin Smith, of PhotoshopCAFE, takes us through the latest MacBook Pro update, a widescreen beast loaded with performance upgrades, including a solid state drive available with up to eight terabytes of onboard storage (which you'll probably never need). Smith shows us the improvements Apple has made over the 2018 iteration, including a better keyboard, better battery and cooling performance, improved microphone and speakers, and, of course, a faster CPU. He also demonstrates how the MacBook Pro performs while using Photoshop and Adobe Premiere, two of the most relevant programs for creators. 

It's worth noting that Apple has retained its four USB-C ports, which caused much consternation when Apple moved away from USB-A ports with the 2016 MacBook Pro. The hubbub around the ports has largely died down now that many users have moved on to products that utilize the superior USB-C. Much to my chagrin, there is still no onboard SD card reader, nor is there any sign that Apple ever intends to bring it back, a decision for which I'll probably never forgive them (at least not until a new form of memory storage becomes commonplace on our cameras). 

Smith also gives advice on which features are worth paying extra for and several other buying tips. 

Are you looking to upgrade your laptop? Does this video make you want to move to the new MacBook Pro or look somewhere else? Drop a comment below and let us know what you think. 

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darrell miller's picture

I got my 16inch macbook pro about a 10 days ago. was running a 5yr old macbook pro. Old one was still going strong, but the a7rIV files were taking some time to work on with it. My biggest concern was that it is over a year out of warranty and I'm about to do some major traveling in the next year.

I dont need to hear "you could have bought a razor for 1/2 the price" (you cant).. even dell and lenovo's equivalent laptops are priced about the same (or more) I upgraded the processor, 32gb, 2tb of ssd, and upgraded the graphics card. its a phenomenal machine, lightroom building smart previews has been cut down dramatically and using filters in lightroom and luminar is noticeably faster.

If i get 5 yrs out of it (which i will) it'll pay for itself easily. Is it right for everyone? nope. its overkill for a lot.. but for me, it was the right choice.


Anthony Cayetano's picture

The MacBook Pro 16 is so good that’s why I will get next year’s model! Hear me out, if (and a big IF) Intel does not screw their 8-core 10nm parts next year, the next MBP 16 will have up to 64GB of LPDDR memory, a 1 Teraflop igpu (that software like Resolve Studio can use simultaneously with a discreet GPU), direct TB3 support (lower latency) and faster IPC means a much faster and cooler laptop with a 5700M GPU. Or so I hope, Intel better deliver!

Felix Valeri's picture

They need to make an AMD version, That would help reduce cost while building a kick*** machine.
I love intel but no one can deny AMD has been producing some awesome products and reduced prices.

darrell miller's picture

how many amd laptops do you see out there? ... there is a reason.. their power consumption is ridiculous.. and they produce a huge amount of heat. neither works well for laptops.

Thorsten Merz's picture

Apple are already over-reliant on AMD as it is; I'm not sure they are ready to go all the way, as it will probably turn even more people off using Apple.