Lensbaby Starts Kickstarter Campaign for Fisheye GoPro Lens

Snap-on lenses are a big thing in the iPhone world. They open up possibilities for whenever someone is working with a fixed focal length system with a lens that cannot be removed. Now, Lensbaby is giving its fans the option to do the same with their GoPro cameras.

GoPro cameras are wildly popular. The go anywhere, survive anything cameras have become a favorite of many outdoor people and athletes. Lensbaby's unique optics are known for offering something different from the norm, and their new optic does just that. The Circular 180+ is a waterproof (up to 3 meters, further water resistance requires an additional housing purchase), 185-degree circular fisheye lens the attaches to the front of existing GoPro cameras, offering the unique field of view afforded by a fisheye lens, as well as nearly infinite depth of field. It's an interesting option for those looking to capture more or add a bit of creativity to their GoPro shots.

The lens is currently on Kickstarter, where early backers can pick up a copy for $69 as compared to the retail price of $100. Check out the video above to see it in action and hear more about its genesis! If you're interested in getting your own copy, click here.

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Charles Gaudreault's picture

So its a waterproof fisheye that goes on a waterproof fisheye camera ?

Niels Veeneman's picture

i was thinking the same thing also if youre done cropping it out youre left with uuhm nothing

Michael Kormos's picture

I thought GoPro came with a fish-eye lens?

I need a more tele lens for my GoPro. Who would ever want to go wider

Paul Ferradas's picture

This is so stupid. We are waiting for a non fisheye lens, something to mount on a DJI phantom. GoPro is losing my interest one day at a time

Jayson Carey's picture

as if gopro footage wasn't hard enough to watch without getting a headache...