LensRentals Tears Apart the Zeiss 32mm Touit Lens

LensRentals Tears Apart the Zeiss 32mm Touit Lens

Carl Zeiss has always been known for manufacturing some of the most well built and desired lenses on the market. The quality control has always been insane, so when they announced that they were making affordable lenses for mirrorless systems, people questioned if the quality would suffer. LenRentals got their hands on one, and decided to tear it apart and see for themselves.

Upon ripping it apart, LensRentals determined that it still has a stellar build quality, mentioning that even the focusing ring is far more sturdy than any other mirrorless lens they've seen. Some concerns were with the autofocusing system built into the lens, as AF electronics is something that Zeiss isn't too familiar with. With that being said, the electronics seem to be well built. Despite the body being constructed out of polymer instead of metal, the lens still feels sturdy and well worth the $900 price tag. Check the images below for the teardown process (And don't try this at home) and look at their blog for more info. Also expect my review of this lens here on Fstoppers in the coming weeks.


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[via LensRentals]

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