The Lollipod: An All-in-One Tri-Mono-Selfie-Boom-Pod

 The Lollipod: An All-in-One Tri-Mono-Selfie-Boom-Pod

There are a lot of products out there that try to be the one device to rule them all, and there are a lot of failures. The Lollipod is the newest contender, and it seems to be nothing more than a colorful, collapsible light stand with a cheap tripod head. Have I used one yet? No, and truthfully I can't see why I would. With a maximum support weight of just under one pound (420 grams specifically) I don't see how it could really hold anything useful outside of a cellphone or point-and-shoot camera. I guess maybe it could hold a Canon 600ex, but even that is up for debate considering that the speedlight is 5g overweight. Yes, there are lighter flashes out there obviously but that's not really the point now is it? - Lightweight Innovative Funky Tripods

You have to know that I really wanted to be excited about this product when I came across it today, but it's this statement that built me up only to let me down:

"From Smart Phones to GoPro, Cameras, Strobes or Video Lights – The New Generation of photographers accept no limits"

I realize that it doesn't say it could support a larger camera, but it does say strobes and video lights which are in many cases at least equally heavy. So when I look closer at the product and see a tripod head that honestly looks cheaper than the kit tripods they try to sell you at Wal-Mart, I'm not super thrilled. For photographers that "accept no limits," I'm gonna go ahead and say that build quality and stability could be some pretty big limitations (a mesh with tiny rocks in it doesn't help a bunch). I wish there were information on the website to correct me but sadly it is completely void of actual technical specifications, not even the kind of metal which is almost definitely aluminum. Here's what I'm going to propose then: Rather than trying to position your product as a great solution for all photographers, let's reposition this product for the people that could love it.

lollipod case

iPhone photographers and hobbyists with no intention of buying professional-level gear. Stop calling it an all-in-one blah blah blah. Putting an unstable shaft of metal over your head with an expensive device attached to the end does not make it a boom. It makes it an imminent disaster. This isn't the solution to photo-woes, it is a cute tripod that will sell really well to people that value fashion over function. Really there's nothing wrong with that, but be honest. This isn't a unique innovation, it's a tiny colored light stand with a very light-duty tripod head.

But hey, go check it out for yourselves...I could be completely wrong.

Lollipod Website

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