The Long-Awaited Canon 6D Is Now In Stock And Shipping From B&H

The Long-Awaited Canon 6D Is Now In Stock And Shipping From B&H

Just a quick heads up to the many of us who have been waiting for this camera: It's finally in stock and ready to ship! Just in time for a nice holiday gift to...yourself. Because let's be honest, if you're as excited about this camera as I am, you're not going to let anyone else in your family get their paws on it before you. For more information and to place an order, head on over to B&H Photo's 6D page.

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Gustavo Ureña's picture

I'm hating canon right now... Just bought the 5D mark iii

I'll buy a 6D and trade you for your 5D mkIII

David Thunander's picture

U are kidding riiiiiiight?

Dean Gray's picture

Is this a referral post?

Christopher Sztybel's picture

It most certainly is, but it is news and this is a web site that is staffed. Yay capitalism!

Jaron Schneider's picture

Check that out. Canon made a shipping deadline. 

Plenty of Csnon hate going on these times. 

jonathan thorpe's picture

I actually just picked one up. So far i love it, sucks that camera RAW and LR cant support the .CR2 files yet. hopefully that'll be very soon....

Jaron Schneider's picture

That and support for the EOS M. I have some raw files I would really like to look at. 

think ill pass on this also the Nikon d600 is no different pass on that too.

M's picture

A referral link, and an ENTIRE POST just to tell us the 6d is in stock? really guys?  I didn't realize you were so desperate for money right now.

Maybe we can do this for EVERY major camera release now.

jonathan thorpe's picture

hey guys, just figured out CaptureoNe pro 7 supports the RAW files from the 6D