A Look at Sony's Premium RX100 VII Camera

The Sony RX 100 VII is the latest entry into the company's line of premium point and shoot cameras, and with it comes a plethora of features for photographers and videographers alike. This great video review takes a look at the video features of the camera to help you decide if you should consider adding it to your kit.

Coming to you from Gene Nagata, also known as Potato Jet, this excellent video takes a look at the new Sony RX 100 VII point and shoot camera and its video capabilities. I owned the very first version of this camera way back in 2013, and I absolutely loved its incredible combination of image quality and portability; I took it almost everywhere with me. Over time, Sony has continued to add features to the camera, borrowing the advanced autofocus technology from its a7 and a9 series and augmenting its video capabilities, turning it into a fantastic option for any videographer looking for strong performance in a small package. Add in 960 fps slow motion, 4K capabilities, and a 24-200mm lens, and its versatility makes it a very powerful and interesting camera for photographers and videographers alike. Check out the video above for Nagata's full thoughts. 

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Sue G's picture

Sony should excel in point and shoot photography now that they have almost nothing in cell phone.

Is this a paid add for exposure? Still picking up an ad trend for certain people. There has been every single week a posting from this YouTuber, right after he partners up with MH and PM. This happens as a pattern so it must be a paid ad deal between Fstoppers or the Authors? Don't you have to say if it is an ad, even if its for exposure between Fstoppers or the author?

Alex Cooke's picture

It’s not an ad in any way.

Gerald Bertram's picture

I'm surprised anyone would think it was. Potato Jet has some great industry knowledge and at least in my opinion is a pretty funny guy that makes humorous and enjoyable videos. Not someone I would point to as someone who would want or even need to pay for exposure.

Stuart Carver's picture

I’ve not been here that long but I’ve noticed most of Alex’s content is sharing YouTube videos from loads of different channels, I’m sure he is just doing it more for us than any other agenda.

Alex Cooke's picture

Right! I have about 300 channels I subscribe to and check every day. My only agenda is finding the best content and featuring it here.