MagFilter - Magnetized filters for your compact cameras

Have you ever wanted to put a filter on your compact camera but just never had a way to attach it? Well now you can. A company called Carryspeed just came up with this brilliant idea of putting magnets on the filters to attach them.

They are currently available only in 36mm and 42mm sized circular polarizer and are available from Amazon.


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Jens Marklund's picture

Very interesting

This is one of the best new ideas I've seen in compact camera photography in, like, ever! The only thing that sucks about this is that I didn't invent it first. 

I'm an SLR photographer but I've been researching compacts lately for when I don't wan't to take the SLR (casual family outings, etc.) And I have been really excited about the fact that they are FINALLY putting good lenses on compacts (bigger aperture instead of emphasizing megapixel count and zoom).

Soooo, they seem to have given us ALMOST everything we want for our pocket camera: good lens, RAW capabilities, manual controls, hot shoes, etc... all except the damn THREADS on the end of the lens! Don't they realize we wan't to at least use a polarizer?

These are awesome and it just made my compact camera shopping a lot easier!

Too bad they didn't design them with a little magnetic lens cap though, that would have been REALLY cool.