Man Orders $3,000 Sony Camera, Receives Bags of Mysterious White Powder Instead

Man Orders $3,000 Sony Camera, Receives Bags of Mysterious White Powder Instead

A photographer who spent $3,000 on a Sony camera was shocked to discover nothing but an empty box and bags of mysterious white powder when it was delivered. 

Jakub Sokolowski of Edinburgh ordered a £2,400 Sony a7 IV from Jessops, a leading British photography gear retailer, to be delivered by DPD. However, on November 25 last year, when he received the package and opened the box, he says it was full of nothing but bags of some sort of white powder, likely meant to weigh the package down to avoid arousing suspicion. 

Sokolowski experienced significant difficulties both from not having the camera he ordered and in trying to remedy the situation, despite speaking to Police Scotland, DPD, Jessops and the Citizen Advice Bureau:

I bought a camera online from a reputable source, which is Jessops, and DPD was the courier. I never got the camera instead of equipment I found white powder in my parcel. The worst part of this situation is that none of the companies were willing to help nor refund me the money I lost... it was supposed to be an investment for work and take my work to the next level. I saved £1,000 over a year to buy it, and now, I have not only lost the money I spent on the camera but money from jobs I have had to cancel because it never arrived.

Sokolowski went on to say the situation has caused significant stress, leading to trouble sleeping and difficulty in his personal relationships. It has also had an impact on his financial standing:

I lost £1,000 of the upfront payment, but I still need to pay off the rest of it. If I don't, it will affect my credit score. It's outrageous.

Thankfully, DPD has recently said they are investigating the incident and plan to refund Sokolowski in the coming days. 

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Alex Cooke is a Cleveland-based portrait, events, and landscape photographer. He holds an M.S. in Applied Mathematics and a doctorate in Music Composition. He is also an avid equestrian.

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This is a very unfortunate incident but far from abnormal. It's likely that someone at a postal warehouse stole his gear and replaced it with powder. I had a similar situation with a race clutch for my Audi. Someone at one of the postal facilities outright stole it. Even with insurance and a tracking number, I never got my $1900 back. This is the world we live in today. No one wants to accept responsibility for poor service. You would think that his camera would have been tracked, scanned and verified before delivery.

It was DPD, all of these rinkydink postal providers are in a race to the bottom. Trying to provide the lowest contract offer by hiring the absolute cheapest and worst staff, and then underpaying/overworking them. It's like they've created a system that filters out anyone who isn't desperate enough to steal.

This makes me wonder if I should record video of the opening of packages with anything expensive I have ordered. Not sure if that would help anyway.

I prefer to purchase and pick up gear from my camera store anyway, so I usually don't order stuff like that through the mail.

You got does help...

Well there just MIGHT be a good chance that he could purchase several cameras and equipment....depending, of course, on what this mysterious 'white powder' substance is. Just maybe. IF he's careful in what he does.

Such stories is what affirms my decision to buy from the local stores. Unfortunate for him and I hope he gets money back.

Alwayssss Video your unboxing for everything these days...especially...especially for expensive stuff....for evidence.....and always have insurance...Remember...Unboxing Videos!

This white powder is...
✨ c o c a i n e ✨

Gee, you can taste it? Ah, just a hint. If it was that mysterious drug, I really don't think they'd be just loading up a box... But hey, wishful thinking.

Amazon Theft. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who got a camera (R7 With Lens...$2600) NOT DELIVERED. What I got... Hold your breath... A Sink Strainer and an automobile ashtray! Getting the refund took over 3 months and I had to go over Amazon to the Credit Card Company to go after Amazon. Yup, I learned the hard way. Shop Local so you're eye to eye with the dealer... Way too much thievery and lack of support out there and as the price dictates whether it'll make it to your door... Or Not we all need to be more Vigilant... Not Tolerant... Maybe Violent... That's outta hand too. Buying Local. Win-Win!

Note: My Amazon Box had been cut open on the bottom..Felt Light... Hey, the label wasn't touched..
Survival Mode on the Amazon Assembly Line..
What's Yours is Theirs until further notice...

Theft? Me too.

I once had a company not deliver a package that I ordered. I called the company twice and both times it went to a voice mail. One phone call to my credit card company and in a week a new shipment was delivered. Always reach out to your credit card company when this type of stuff happens.