In the Market for a New Gimbal? Check Out the Zhiyun WEEBILL-S

Videographers shooting on ILCs are blessed with a bevvy of gimbals at present, and Chinese manufacturer Zhiyun-Tech has added to the list with the WEEBILL-S. Kai Wong gives an overview of its rather impressive features.

To those of a nervous disposition, be warned: Wong, who has a reputation for waving Leicas around without a strap, balances the WEEBILL-S — along with what I think is his Sony a7 III fitted with a rather meaty and not inexpensive ZEISS lens — on a rail above a river. I had to look away, so my apologies if I missed anything important.

This curiously named gimbal certainly seems to offer solid competition to the DJI Ronin S, though it is a little odd that the specifications for the gimbal don’t state its payload. Don’t confuse this with the WEEBILL LAB (Fstoppers review here), which is slimmer, lighter, and designed for smaller rigs. The WEEBILL-S, by comparison, seems comfortable with a large mirrorless or DSLR camera packing a suitably large lens, but check out Wong’s videos for what appears to be its upper limit.

Zhiyun-Tech is a relatively new manufacturer, and it’s certainly offering some rather nifty-looking features; for the full list ,click here. Will you be preordering? Leave a comment below.

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Rod Kestel's picture

Mmm, lighting gear vs gimbal vs dinner. So much good gear, so little income.

A...yaag, I see what you mean, his kit on a tiny tripod sitting on the bridge, moments away from a long drop followed by a swim. Zombies got nuthin', this is terrifying.