More Information on Fujifilm's 100-Megapixel Medium Format Camera

More Information on Fujifilm's 100-Megapixel Medium Format Camera

Fujifilm's foray into medium format territory has generated a fair amount of excitement, and the company shows no signs of slowing down, as they're preparing to release their 100-megapixel body.

Fujifilm's GFX 50S has been met with mostly quite positive reviews, but when the company released the camera, they mentioned how the lens lineup was optimized to handle resolutions upward of 100 megapixels, leaving us all to wonder when that camera was coming. DP Review recently got their hands on a prototype at Gulf Photo Plus, and it seems we're in for quite the camera. Some interesting specs about the upcoming body include:

  • DP Review says the body feels like a Nikon D5 or Canon 1D X II with a fast prime
  • Highly improved EVF performance
  • Secondary OLED display under the back LCD
  • Tilting rear touchscreen
  • Dual SD card slots
  • 4K at 30p
  • Improved autofocus performance
  • Likely coming in late spring or early summer 
  • In the past, Fujifilm has said that the camera will be priced under $10,000

So far, it looks like Fujifilm has a monster of a camera on their hands at quite an impressive price point. Head over to DPReview to read more about the upcoming camera. 

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David Pavlich's picture

I know I put that lottery ticket somewhere! :-) I'm looking forward to the hands on reviews for this beastie.

Deleted Account's picture

Mirrorless. :-(

Deleted Account's picture

Not that long ago, it was all about. We don't need big cameras. I have so much kit now in such a small bag. Oh, and crop sensor is all anyone would ever need, ever.

Now this.

he plot has been lost

(I'm an Ex X-Ambassdor, btw)

olivier borgognon's picture

rob, IMHO, i'd say it's more like they are working on the 2 niches that DSLR makers like sony, canon & nikon aren't working on. the "in-between", with a wide range of APS-C and some range between full-Frame & big sensor medium format, pretty inline with fuji and their way of going in markets people don't want to mess with, since film days.

Deleted Account's picture

I hear you. 2 different markets. However, I called it quits with the GFX. 50mp wasn't enough to warrant buying into a new system. Plus, the controls on the GFX hadn't really evolved from the smaller bodied cameras. The D850 did it all, almost the 50mp and frankly, I preferred the colours from the Nikon. I could never get the Fuji images to look as clean as I often need, most images I see from fuji cameras have a heavy dosage of presets, that's not always desirable.
100mp now, it's doubled the GFX. Necessary though? The big image hitters are already probably invested into the more traditional brands. For me, too much, the D850 and Z7 are doing all the commercial work I need right now.

olivier borgognon's picture

I hear you too, for sure. I think it's just a question of taste, finding what we like, how we like it, and when it does the job, it's just right.

Most people get wound up in gear, with G.A.S. or simply become "fanboys" with no after thought, when honestly... cameras, lenses, flashes, every single thing around photography is simply a set of tools.

You can build a house with a Swiss army knife, it will take you a long time, it will be messy, but it will do the job. Same goes for any camera and gear.

The rest is really photographers talk, no client will ever question our gear, our tools, like I wouldn't question the ones of a plumber, a mason or an electrician. They choose us based on what they see, our images, our style, and we are the ones to decide and adapt the tools according to what's needed, if we must do advertising going on huge booths which are viewed really close, with details, and transitions, we might need a medium format, otherwise... not.

Pixels are a photographers way to talk about technology and boost a bit of ego, film cameras had film, 24x36 full stop, and medium format. 2 sizes, end of story. It worked amazingly, We check out expos & get books from the masters, done with that.

Nowadays we're like... ahh, APS-C is no good, mirrorless isn't good enough, ah, it's only 21.1megapixels, or 23, 24, 26, 27.1, 45, 49.9, 52, 96, 150mbp... and what ? 150mbp with no style doesn't get us more jobs than 21mbp with a serious style, but it get's our ego boosted because we have the latest, or the most "high end" to deliver a job.

To be honest, if we were to go minimalist, we could very well go with an X-T3 or other brand equivalent APS-C, or something of that range with any brand for most projects, and when the need for bigger comes, rent out whatever medium format, may it be a Blad, a Phase or a Fujifilm to get the sensor size we need to deliver the job.

D850 and Z7 are great tools clearly, and the essential part on your side is that you're getting what you envision out of your camera, whatever brand, and that clients can relate to your work, the style, the look and who you are through your images. Brands, cameras, who cares... let's get out there and shoot what we love, the way we love it, and attract who we want through our photography.

Zoli Tarnavölgyi's picture

But it's also a cropped medium sensor camera, isn't it? Not real medium format. Just asking.

Deleted Account's picture

I don't think there's a fixed sensor size for medium format but, yeah, it's on the small end.

Tom Lew's picture

Same as a phase one iq250

Deleted Account's picture

But still on the low end of medium format. Nothing wrong with that.

Studio 403's picture

I just sold all my Nikon gear. I changed to Fuji XH1. Nice promotion on lens and got a free vertical 2 extra holder too.
Just been learning today. In camera stabilization and the lens I bought has the same. of course not a full frame, but close to age 73, nice camera for me to carry around. A nice headwind and lighter weight. NIkon of course is first class company. Their price points on their gear will lead them to troubled waters. Hope I am wrong. I am amazed all the things this camera will do. For the kind of work and projects I do, this Fuji will outperform what I do. Go Fuji,

Spy Black's picture

Phase One will probably come out with a new camera soon, because Fuji is digging in deep.