More Professional Super-Telephoto Mirrorless Lenses Are Coming From Canon

Canon has been releasing some stellar lenses to go with their mirrorless bodies of late, and it seems they're not stopping, as the company will be pushing ahead with the sort of super-telephoto lenses that pros need. 

Canon Rumors is reporting that Canon will be releasing an RF 300mm f/2.8L IS USM lens for their mirrorless cameras along with an RF 500mm f/4L IS USM lens in 2020. Such a lens is a crucial piece of equipment for sports and wildlife photographers, and Canon surely needs to introduce a complete super-telephoto lineup to compete in the professional realm with their mirrorless lineup. Furthermore, these lenses are typically important not just for photographers who need them for their own uses, but for the brand, as they're typically the glass seen on the sidelines of high-visibility events. This surely means that a professional body is also in the works, and given the timeline and prestige, it's very possible that Canon is planning to make a big splash at the 2020 Olympics. Even if not, it's clear that the mirrorless race is continuing to heat up and will be a lot of fun for photographers in the months to come. 

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Rayann Elzein's picture

This is inconsistent... Why did they spend a lot in R&D and marketing to release the 600/4 III just months ago, if then to switch all the new lenses to RF mount. This means we can forget about a lighter EF 500/4 III I guess.

EVFs flickering (even at high frequency) give me headaches, so I'm everything but thrilled about the switch to mirrorless.

g coll's picture

Depends which camp you’re in mate. If you’re DSLR then just pay attention to that particular marketing. If not then mirrorless marketing is for you.

Andrew Eaton's picture

Probably different parts of canon fighting each other...

Da Beat's picture

Makes one wonder whether it is possibly timed a bit late? Most professionals probably want to familiarise themselves with equipment and test the reliability over a longer period prior to shooting an important event, no?

Nonetheless, great lenses so far, and no doubt the new ones as well. They are taking their merry time to release a pro body though... Filling up that time with pro lens releases feels a bit, I don't know, "substitutive"?

EL PIC's picture

It’s all Marketing Weasel Words for Profit.

David Crossley's picture

<as the company will be pushing ahead with lenses that pros need> Focus by wire on a $17000 (cad) 600mm f4? Seems like the folks in research and development are going backwards- Sony included.

Michael Kormos's picture

Uh, 300mm f/2.8? With the tiny size of mirrorless bodies, you'll no longer be mounting the lens onto the camera. You'll be mounting the camera onto the lens!

David Pavlich's picture

I hope Canon's ML pro body lives up to the terrific RF lenses that Canon is producing.

Michael Dougherty's picture

Canon seems to be introducing lenses at a much higher pace than its competitors. In 2015, Canon endeavored to automate its lens production process to reduce costs. It also looks like the automation process also allowed them to more quickly produce different lenses.