Neutral Density Filter Drop Test: Can Breakthrough Filters Survive?

On the surface, this may seem crazy, performing a drop test on a glass ND filter, but, hear me out. I've been speaking with Breakthrough Photography about their filters and one of the things that came up was the fact that their filters are made of tempered glass. They seemed really confident about how strong their filters were so I, of course, wanted to know how strong. After a few initial, probing questions, I asked them if I could do a drop test on their filters to demonstrate their durability. To my surprise, they not only agreed but, they sent me an extra filter specifically for the test. 

In my latest video, I perform a drop test on Breakthrough's latest filters (with their blessings) to see how much punishment they can take. Now as we know everything is relative so on that basis, I also performed a drop test on a filter from another prominent ND filter manufacturer. Of course, the standard filter couldn't survive the first drop, but, this didn't come as a surprise to me. The thing that I really appreciate about Breakthrough filters is the fact that their padded cases are extremely useful. I can quite literally throw around the filters whilst they're in the case knowing that they are perfectly fine. 

Check out the full video to find out how durable the filters are. 

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Brian Dobyns's picture

I would love to get your critique of the Wine Country Camera system, especially how their system of holding glass performs.

Usman Dawood's picture

Just checked their website and they look very fancy lol. Might have to check their stuff out, thank you for mentioning them Brian.

Greg Hammond's picture

I use both WCC system and Breakthrough filters. Love them both. Once I started using the WCC vault system, I regretted having to go back to holding filters by their edges, e.g., in my Lee, WonderPana, and Lucroit rigs. Am looking forward to WCC's development of their larger system.

Lionel Fellay's picture

What about color cast ? resolution ? ... It's not sufficient for me to be just solid ...

Usman Dawood's picture