The new iPhone 4 is great for BTS video

Okay I'm not an apple fanboy or anything (I'm the only photographer still using a PC) but this new iPhone 4 is pretty cool. I'm most excited that it can now take 720p 30 fps video which is perfect for shooting behind the scenes videos of your photoshoots. I got my iPhone 4 early and figured I would take it out on the water to do a little video comparison with the iPhone 3Gs. If you are an iPhone user, this new phone is a necessary upgrade if only for the HD video and LED flash for low light photos and videos.

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thank you bestbuy for ruining my week.

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i really hate both of you... reese i love you.

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Did you not watch the video!? I don't have an iPhone 4 either. I have to wait another week. Don't hate me, hate Patrick.

The quality if the new iphone is pretty impressive for such a small sensor isn't it? Cool video, and boat btw!

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it wasn't the phone, it was y'all being pretty boys on the boat.

Cute doggy!

You guys have a nice afternoon thunderstorm blowing over the Cooper River behind you. I guess you ducked in behind that island cause its the only calm spot by the harbor.

I do not remember signing a model release form!

i used to think that lee and patrick were pretty nerdy with their iphones, but check out this video of a cinematic film planned using the new iphone:

Check this out

Now you can really use your iPhone to get good video

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Maybe I'm missing something but doesn't this Owle look like a big gimmick? How can a lens adapter "fix" low VGA quality video? The video I watched must have had the normal iPhone mounted to the Owle mounted iPhone which doesn't make sense as to why the Owle was much more stable if they were both over a pound heavy together. If you want HD video from your pocket sized camera, buy an iPhone 4. If you want the best video with something bulky, bring out your DSLR.

I was just going by the fact that this video (

) was shot with the iPhone 4 and using them

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Great video guys....I have an iPhone 4 and I have been playing around with the HD video. What do you guys use to edit this? I am new to video, but I have been limited to only using the iMovie app since I am a PC user. I cannot find anything that works with .mov files that will keep them HD.

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This was edited in the phone with iMovie but we personally use Adobe Premiere on our PCs. I've edited some iphone video now with Premiere CS4 and it works great. Just make sure you choose a 30fps session and output at 30fps and you should be good.