New Sony NEX-5R Mirrorless Camera

New Sony NEX-5R Mirrorless Camera

Sony's newest addition to its mirrorless lineup expands on its midrange mirrorless line, the NEX-5R. Building on the NEX-5N, the 5R adds some nice upgrades that make it a much nicer camera to use...

There are a few things that increase usability, but I think that the biggest attraction to this camera should be the new phase detection autofocus. This method has been adopted by a few other camera manufacturers more recently as it proves to provide some of the best autofocus results out there. The addition of this system on the NEX-5R should really make it an easier and faster camera to use with less hunting.

Set between the NEX-3 and NEX-7 models, the new 5R isn't quite as robust as its big brother, but a new control dial at the back adds a level of use that was much needed on the camera, and serves a very similar function to Nikon's DSLR control dials that control aperture and shutter speed. Additionally, a new dedicated function button has been added while the on/off switch has been moved around the shutter button, again more akin to the Nikon/Canon DSLR-style switches.

Finally, the 5R's built-in WIFI and new compatibility with Sony camera applications open doorways to new possibilities such as uploading directly to Facebook (or potentially any social networking site in the future).

Pre-Order the camera here.

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Specs look great for all NEX's, but the main problem to me is that the body looks ridiculously unbalanced with every lens. What's the point of having a slim body when it negatively impacts usability and brings no advantage because of big lenses?

 How does it negatively impact usability?  This isn't a pro dslr, don't try to make it out to be.

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In reality, all of these cameras are that way if you see it like that. But really, the body is just negligible. You can hold it by the lens with your left hand (like most do) and that's enough to support it. At some point, it's just so light that it doesn't really matter where it's balanced...

I went from a 5dmk2 to nex 5n (gladly) and I love it. I am a hobbyist and the 5n takes remarkable pics for what it is and for me because of it's practicality, I take way more photo's then I ever did with my 5d.

 Sony has a long history of lens heavy, unbalanced cameras. It works for them, some people love them, others hate them.

Hold it by the lens. That's how it's properly done anyway. Gives more stability. Besides... I don't see how a heavy body + heavy lens is anything to cheer about.

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Looks like this may get my purchase over canon's eos M. looks like the Sony Alpha RMT-DSLR1 remote will work with it.


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"uploading directly to Facebook (or potentially any social networking site in the future)." I cant help but nrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr at this feature. The cynic in me just feels we will end up with a glut of bad photos posted every few minutes like Instagram.......

The cynic in me doesn't see how getting 16MP image uploaded directly from the camera is a feature anyone with common sense would want to use.  

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That's one of possibly many features. While this won't accept 3rd party apps like Android cameras, the possibilities are vast if Sony decides to explore them with the introduction of new apps in the future...

I think consumers are using their mobile phone to take photos and upload to Facebook, Instagram etc because .... it's a camera they always have with them, in the moment.  Mobile phone cameras may not have quality low-light optics but they do have a apps and always available cellular access.  This was something that was happening way before smartphones.  Both have tiny LCD screens that make it hard to judge the quality of the captured image.  

Having said that, I think the NEX-5R will be a success even without the wi-fi and Facebook app.

True, but the option is nice to have. And that's the thing. Your opinion regarding the use of the camera may not apply for everyone. I don't see why Sony should discriminate against people who are into social networking. They're professionals; not bullies.

From the promo video I saw on the Sony FB page it looks like the type off apps that they are planning to start with are different cinema settings for video and time-lapse apps for stills. 
Instagram for NEX doesn't excite me, but apps that add functionality and improve the cameras usability do.

I wonder if this camera will be safe to use during flight... You don't use the WiFi functionality during that time, of course. But still...