Newly Released Lens Filters Come With Prism Effects Built-In

Newly Released Lens Filters Come With Prism Effects Built-In

The fun thing about photography is that there are so many ways to do it. One of the most popular novelties in recent years has been the use of prisms and holding objects in front of the lens to create artistic blurs. Now, one company is helping photographers do it hands-free after releasing lens filters with prism-effects built-in.

After releasing a series of mountable prisms earlier in the year, BuffNerds host Jakob Owens and the team at PrismLensFX have now gone a step further and brought out the new filters which let you capture special effects in-camera.

The 3 different effects the lens filters create are:

  • Prism: flare and bokeh effects
  • Chromatic Flare: animorphic and streak flares
  • Split Glass: light leak and fractal effects

The convenience of using these is of course that they attach to your lens, meaning you have both hands free to hold the camera. The images released alongside the announcement clearly demonstrate the many dreamy, foreground blur effects possible. They’re “variable,” meaning they can be rotated to change up the effect.

The filters will set you back $75 a pop, or you can save yourself $30 by purchasing the full set for $195.

Check out the video to see the filters in action.

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Adrian Lyons's picture

IMO, yeah it looks cool but the problem I have with these is the opposite of what Adobe had worked so hard on with Photoshop. Nondestructive editing. Once the shot is taken, that's it. There's no editing that effect. It's one thing for happenstance where a flare pops up in a shot while your shooting but this is a decision. You actively decide to put this filter/effect on.

Id rather spend the money on a good overlay package and add this to shots after the fact and tweak as I like. The overlays also can't be broken.

To each their own though.

Pedro Pulido's picture

totally agree with this!

Vincent B's picture

You're complaining about effect being baked in under an article about… an in-camera effect solution. Of course post produced effects exist and have their advantages but you're really off topic.

The world of in-camera practical effect is sublime, vast and creative. It's also carrying its share of unpredictability, serendipity and uniqueness. It's also a more straight forward way to produce images. It's also better than most of the packs you'll purchase in the sense that on top of the artifacts, they produce a diffraction, distortion of the shot image.

I use both on and off, for the greater good.

Deleted Account's picture

I used similar filters in…… 1976