[News] Canon Announces New 60Da for Astrophotography!

[News] Canon Announces New 60Da for Astrophotography!

In the age of cutting back and serving the mass consumer, seemingly little has been done to cater to smaller, more precisely defined markets. But Canon's new 60Da announced today marks an exception. The camera, now available for pre-order on BHPhotoVideo or Adorama, is Canon's first since 2005's 20Da to be specifically suited for astrophotography with increased infra-red sensitivity to better and more accurately capture the colors of the celestial sky. Find more info and photos as they unfold after the jump!

The Canon 60Da features an 18MP APS-C sensor, 1080p video recording at 30fps, and can be paired with an optional time-lapse remote. It even comes supplied with an AC adapter for long periods of continuous shooting! What's not to love for you astronomers out there?

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is there really much of a market for astrophotography?...is this camera really aim for only this type of photography?

Yes.  I have a 60D just for astrophotogarphy.  Same with a few lenses that only come out at night.  I regularly shoot a 5DmkII. 

Huh...really? I have a 60D but I always thought that the full frame cameras would be more suited to astrophotography due to higher light sensitivity. Astro-timelapse something I'd love to try out this summer when I have some more free time. The 60D is a great camera, but what makes it your choice over the 5Dmk2? Thanks

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Well, if they only upgrade it every 6 years, then it's most likely only for this specific little group of customers. I don't think they're meant to cause hype.

Very interesting but hard to justify buying a body just for the occasional vacations away from the city myself. Hope the rental houses get a few though and ultimately I'm glad that Canon is being innovative!

They used to make a 20Da for this purpose back when the 20D was the current EOS model at this price point.

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Ehhh Canon what is up with those nasty gold "60Da" label?  Keep it slick silver bros and upper case letters. 

The 60d is the only canon that I own. I only use it hooked up to my scope.