[News] Canon's 5D Mark III Has Issues

[News] Canon's 5D Mark III Has Issues

It's bound to happen. With new gear comes new bugs and Canon Rumors has already reported on the first two issues with Canon's 5D MarkIII.

Issue One:
Image Stabilization Noise
A couple of lenses have been exhibiting strange noises when the shutter button is half depressed on the 5d MarkIII but the image quality is not affected and the noise does not occur during Live View. The two known affected lenses are the Canon EF 200mm f/2.0 L IS USM Lens and the Canon EF 800mm f/5.6 L IS USM Lens.
Canon USA has issued an official response to the 5D III IS noise issue: “We have acknowledged that when using the camera with specific lenses, there is an abnormal noise during IS operation when the shutter button is pressed halfway (or remains pressed halfway), and we are now considering the countermeasures. We will let you know about the countermeasures as soon as they are finalized”

Issue Two:
Low Shutter Sync Speeds
Apparently the 5D MarkIII won’t sync at shutter speeds higher than 1/160 using Pocket Wizard's Mini TT1 with some lighting set ups.
Pocket Wizard's response to the low shutter sync speeds issue:"...they say it’s not compatible yet and although the 5D III should sync at at least 1/200, the actual speed of the shutter is lower (approx 1/160). They don’t even have a test camera yet and they expect the soon-to-be-released 1D X not to be compatible either. They will be working on a firmware update as soon as they have a 5D MarkIII to work with."

All in all, the reviews on the 5D MarkIII have been good and we are bound to see some growing pains. Still, I can't help but feel that the Nikon D800 camp seems to be fairing a bit better though.

via [CanonRumors]

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These are indeed issues worth taking note of, however the D800 is not without some troubling issues either:

- Green tint on the screen (see details)
- Shooting tethered (see details)
- Memory card compatibility, which is rather weird. Half my cards won't work.

Details here:

It's quite possible the green tint is just a weird menu thing that no one seemed to notice at first.

About that green tint: Could it possibly be from your Picture Control setting? I noticed that the D3s photo was a RAW and the D800 photo was a JPEG. If you reviewed a D800 RAW image, does it turn up with the same green tint? 

all RAW files (and jpegs) contain a thumbnail JPEG image embedded in them so what you are seeing on the camera's screen is always the JPEG.  I've noticed that the images on my D7000s are always greener than my D300s's and D700.  People love the D7000, and it is great, but I always feel like my images are way off on color looking at the back of the screen.  

All Issues were minimal but are fixed in their firmware update, but changing the subject about our conon 5d mk 111 do no solve our problems, i have several thousand of dollars in lenses and the main ones i refuse to use because of strange noises, i am worried that my lenses will be affected, also i have one of the 1st with the light leak and seen how canon fixed the problem on the latest issue release, not a hoppy chappy, now i have sticky tape in the top of the camera, discusting who needs a warranty that repairs and sells pro bodies like this my 2 year ond could have done better with chewing gum, also i am really dissapointed in the battery shooting life on the new canon i purchased, after speaking to canon australia they said wait till i use the battery a few times and the charge will get better, i can tell you i have charged the battery over 30 times after a discharge and i am very disastisfied with the performance, alsoo the lignt meter is way out.so now it has gone back for the 3rd time, i reall should have kept my 5d mk 11 even though i had rear focusing faluts. not happy no more canons for me. maybe pentax medium format

woah- you got me worried when i read this headline.  glad this doesn't affect me.  right now i'm halfway through a big 6-day video shoot with the mk3 i'm DPing.  can't afford any problems on this gig.  so far its performing excellently-- no issues, and great images. i'm very happy with this camera

I love how everyone in Charleston except Lee and I have the newest Canon and Nikon DSLRS....this is getting ridiculous!  Where are all our cameras at right now?

Sorry to have to admit, but... hopefully on their way to Chicago  :)

 I would hope you at least have a backup if it is an important job

 you are right- one should always have a backup or two no matter what camera you're using.. fortunately the markii serves as a pretty good backup/2nd cam. still no problems with the new camera though

Most 5D2s wouldn't sync at 1/200, either.  1/160 was what I typically needed.  Strobist reported on this years ago.  

 Not sure based on what you are saying 5D2 wont sync at 1/200?!!! I've been shooting for almost 2 years now with 1/200 setting!!! Even shooting sports ''Basketball on weekly bases, using strobes'' setting my sync speed at 1/200!!    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=401921443152252&set=a.222739...

 Like Brain said, most mkII's won't sync at 1/200. If you are shooting a mix of flash and ambient then you may never notice it, and some camera's can do 1/200 while others don't quite make it without a dark bar. It depends on the individual camera.

 I spent a long time finding the optimum settings on my PW mini TT to get higher sync speeds, I shoot a lot of location lit jobs and I can squeeze up to 400th out of my mk II with so little edge shadow it's not noticeable. I was really hoping the MK III would have a higher sync to start with. Hardware has moved on so why Canon couldn't put a shutter mechanism with the ability to hit at least 250th is beyond me, other than to keep a little distance between the 1D X now this news of the mini TT not being compatible has come to light it's another minor glitch that makes me feel the need to hold off on an upgrade. I've got used to a decent sync speed since I bought the mini TT, I certainly don't want to have to by a set of PW Flex's as well just because Canon changed something.
I gave the MK II a 6 month bug finding period before I bought it, it looks like the MK III will have to have the same.

I've never been able to get my D700 to sync at 250, it's always sync'd at 200. Is there no quality control these days? No man running around the Nikon/Canon plants with red and green sticky dots?

What's striking to me more than the actual details of this story is the fact that seemingly every three days there is some new troubling issue with the 5D. 

GAH! I hate this kinda stuff - but it's inevitable.

:-) I always call the people who buy new gadgets before/upon release " BETA TESTERS" :) It's usually why I don't buy, for at least a few months or a year. I want the "KINKS" to be worked out before i get my grubby lil paws on the gadget. ;-)

EDIT: I wouldn't discount any of the new gear yet though. It's to early to tell for sure what may or may not be a "DUD". Good luck BETA TESTERS keep us poted :-P hehe

 I agree, I always shake my head when I hear about somebody selling their old gear the week they get something new and untested, then complain about something not working or being buggy.

RUSSI agree with you. I never buy before and during release day. Usually wait 6 months to 1 year after release.

Brian Hawkins is correct. My Mark II only syncs 80% of the time at 1/200.

The new cameras are here in Arkansas too.

Seems that the image stabilization issue would indicate that the body wasn't tested with the entire line of lenses...

 Or Canon figured that the issue wouldn't effect enough people to delay the release. I'm sure it will be resolved soon enough.

For that price that mistake should´t happen.

New cars coming off the design table and into manufacturing get recalled all the time..the new iPad 3 gets too hot with prolonged use etc..not unheard of. That's the headache built into the price of innovation.

I just got my 5D Mark III with the kit lens, and I have also noticed the noise with the shutter button halfway pressed. (using the 24-105 kit lens it came with) I have also noticed it does the same thing while attempting to record video. The only way to get the noise to stop is by disabling IS on the lens, or switch to another lens completely.

doesn't really seem too big of a deal actually.... if image is not affected, besides those lenses are so expensive, not sure if I would ever own one..... only rent...... I can sync at 160 okay.... or just push it higher and crop out the black band in post..... now if it was something like that lenses just fell off during operation, I would think that would be a real problem.... :)

This camera has been a long time coming, so there really shouldn't be these kinds of issues, certain canon pro's have had them to trial with for months before release, it's not as though they were tightening the last screw the night before the release announcement. How did nobody notice noise when testing the camera, and why weren't all third party accessories tested, pocket wizard is professional kit used by a lot of us pros, did it not occur to some tech geek at canon to test and at least say upfront it won't work for now or even give PW a call and say "here's a body to test and get your firmware ready" . I know lightroom has now released an update but surely  that should have come out on the day of the MK III not a week after people start using it.
It's a half arsed job again.

i cant shoot faster than 160 with my phottix wireless syncs either

Hopefully Canon can get these few issues cleared up. I am sure it is common with any new product but it still does not go over well. Maybe a firmware upgrade could fix some of the problems but the top LCD causing exposure issues could be a real pain for the photogs that have to send their gear back to be fixed.

Damn new Canon 5D Mark iii having problems ... is in manual mode, iso between 1000 and 8000, white balance is set to flash, have reset it and also done a custom white balance check, still get yellow/green colours in the exposure ahhh

Test 1 -https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1fregz59c9fj8xd/jDKeggLlQE

Test 2 - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/atg8qf0m6ia7eps/pjEJhVGQ27

Test 3 - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lk99tsegabipjmd/ToqjcHnSNM

Taking it back tomorrow

Not even a week old

I bought my 5D mrkiii in the summer. A very large purchase for me, considering the lenses that I bought over the next few months to try and ensure I hard a good arsenal at my disposal. I have 5 lenses, and I had hoped with a camera this expensive that there would be few issues. I have had issues with a lot of sensor dust. However the most worrying is the development of a lot of noise when the lenses are on Image Stabilisation. They were all working fine and all of a sudden the 100mm Macro and 24mm-105mm kit lens seemed to develop this fault after a session using them on a tripod with Image Stablisation turned off. The noise goes on after the AF has been achieved and appears to come from the back of the camera. I daren't try the other 3 lenses for fear that this fault is damaging. I have spent some time trying to check that none of the menu settings has been changed that could have instigated this problem. Is there any news as to how Canon are addressing this or if they have any answers as to the settings that may have a bearing on this?