[News] Pre-Release Nikon D800/D800E Details

There is a Nikon press conference scheduled in Thailand on February 7, but it will be for neither a D3200 or a D4100, the Nikon Rumours is reporting. According to their sources, there will be two versions of the D800, with the Nikon without the AA filter being called the Nikon D800E.

Some have expected the Nikon that will be released at this press conference to be the D3200, the D4100, or the D8100, however that will not be the case. This may not be all that surprising, as Nikon has stopped promoting the Nikon D700 and the NIkon D300s on its core Japanese website.

Nikon will release the D800 officially on February 7.

Here are some brief details on the Nikon D800/D800E:

• The D800/D800E will "read" images with 12 different channels (14-bit conversion)
• 16 bit image processing with EXPEED 3
• 3.2 inch LCD Display
• 100% Viewfinder coverage
• New bracketing button
• Start-up and shutter delay identical to the D4
• The D800/D800E will use the EN-EL 15 battery, the same as on the D7000
• Like the D4, the D800/D800E will be able to take up to 850 shots on a single battery charge, which is less than the D700 that could go up to 1000 (based on CIPA standard)
• The optional battery pack for the D800/D800E will include Capture NX2

Complete Details on the Nikon D800/D800E:

The D800 replaces the D700 by a case based on chassis-cast magnesium shell, filled with many joins and protections antirussellement. Nikon has managed to reduce the D800 one hundred grams in weight compared to its predecessor.

It uses a new sensor 24x36 to 36 megapixels, apparently original and based on the SOny Exmor technology, guarantees low noise and wide dynamic range (features "per pixel" should be very close to those of APS-C version of the NEX 7 megapixels)
The sensitivity range is from 100 to 6400 ISO (ISO 50 on the low end to 24,000 on the high end). We can expect an image completely free of grain in ISO 1600 A2.

This sensor delivers Full HD 1080p at 30, 25 and 24 I/S. There is a headphone jack and control PCM recorder. HDMI output provides an uncompressed video stream, such as in the D4. The contrast detect AF tracks a face if necessary or if enabled. Though the D4 offers 3 sizes of cropping, the D800 will only offer 2.

Auto Focus
The D800 has a 100% viewfinder. This is an expected correction of the viewfinder in the D700, which measured at only 93%. If incorporates the EXPEED processor 3 and the new modules and AF metering D4, which means collaboration between scene recognition and face and Dynamic AF, metering of 91,000 RGB dots, AF 51 AF points sensitive to IL-2 and features 11 tracks operating at F/8. Its TFT screen is the classic 8.1 inches diagonally and 920,000 points.

Other Features
The rate is 4 I/S 14-bit (lossless compressed RAW), and 6 f/s with maximum grip MB-D12 booster. The recording is on CF and SD cards. It offers compatibility with the WiFi module Wt-4 (but not with the new module WT D4-5) and interface USB3.
There will be a very special version of "high resolution" with no anti-aliasing filter, whose cost will be higher by about 10%. We do not know if this version will be present along the D800 release on February 7 or if it will be provided only on special request, via specific networks.

What do you think of this news? Is it reliable? Will you be interested in this new Nikon body? Sound off in the comments section below.

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Is the photo of the D800 real?
I'm pretty sure the red line under the wheel should be different.

No, this is the doctored version.

Also, those cameras were discontinued on Nikon Japan because of the new battery laws there... lol.

It may be a coincidence if they release both right now, but that is the main reason we can't use any of the enel3s in this current generation of SLRs.

I am VERY excited!!!!!!

very interesting indeed keeping the version without AA-filter an option...100% vf is nice and will hopefully find its way into the 5dmk3 too...(although I hope the 36 MP won't...handling these RAWs will be a pain in the b***)

is that a mis-print CD and SD card?? CD??  Maybe CF and SD??

It sounds good to me! For me it will be a nice upgrade from the D700. I want the video and high resolution mainly.

 There are a few typos.

we'll know for sure in ... 3 days!!! I can wait... :)

 Full HD 1024p ? most likely 1080p? error?

8.1 inch screen?

Jody Hess's picture

What are the pros and cons of removing the AA filter?  What types of photography would benefit from that, and are there any types of photography that would suffer without the AA filter?

It will produce sharper images, more detail & better resolution. The downside is that you will get moire in images, which can be easily rectified both whilst shooting or in post. All medium format cameras don't have AA filters (or if they do it is extremely weak).

Google the X-Pro 1 and you'll get your answer ;). 

I don't think I trust a 36mp sensor, at that level of resolution its like jamming 16 mp inside of a camera phone, they need a bigger sensor plane. I think 5dMarkII with 21mp was pushing it, now this is just over the top. I have to use it for myself to believe it was a good idea.

Are the pixels any smaller on a 16mp crop sensor? 

They're about the same density, from what I gather, but yes, they are smaller.

He probably doesn't trust Medium Format, either.  Too many pixels.

 The density and photosite size will be similar to that o fthe D7000, not bad quality there, excellent DR, for example. Don't forget one should compare cameras at same final print size, at least initially. If one wants to print larger, the 36MP will be handy.

Nikon has always produced excellent products. So I think the D800 will do just fine.

No wait, you're wrong.  The J1 put too many pixels on a 2x sensor, look how poorly that's doing. 

I've seen some excellent results with V1 and J1... Even with HIGH ISO shots, they are pretty good. The only bad vibe I've received from persons I know who purchased it is indoors.... Images are too blurry because Auto ISO is too conservative.... but beside that, video and pictures are TOP from what they've told me..

Tadeo -_- **'s picture

the iQ 180 digital back from phase one crams 80 mega pixels on a MF sensor and got the highest DXO mark score ever. and cell phones have pixel densities much much higher than p&s cameras and p&s cameras much more pixel density than DSLRs. it´s not only sensor size, it´s also sensor tech what makes the difference.

And none of this matters for your final image. 

 I think you are wrong. The ability to recover shadows' details and colors with D7000 is directly related to the very wide DR at base ISO, which was measured by DxO Mark.

 listen to what your saying. a medium format sensor is about 4x's the size of a full frame or 35mm sensor. meaning if you blew up a 5d mark II's sensor 4 times the IQ 180 digital back would still have a less dense pixel count.

My original point is that putting 36 million sensors on a 35mm plane seems like a crowd, just like when you put too many mega pixels on a p&s camera the sensors get confused and start making up information, this is my fear with the Nikon.

Derek matarangas's picture

Far be it for me to call you on that image, but it depicts a completely different camera from the one Nikon Rumours, the one they posted shows the camera to have the new style red swoosh, not to mention a completely different shoulder design, your pic looks like a doctored D700 - one of you must be wrong..... 

Patrick Hall's picture

well yes, there are no "officially" leaked high res images of the D800 as of this time.  I see NR has now since posted their specs and images for the D800 which we believe to be the most reliable source for leaks relating to Nikon.  Jaron simply referenced the Silent Journalist which probably does not have a more reliable image than anyone else...that is anyone willing to break a NDA :)

Patrick, for the record, nothing is ever "officially" leaked.  That's the entire premise of leaking lol.

Patrick Hall's picture

Lol I meant Official Photos leaked not officially leaked

Well, Patrick, at the risk of having you accuse me of "trolling all day" for pointing this out, but nowhere do you make it clear your image is a fake, the very first poster called it's veracity into question. If you are presenting yourselves as a reliable source for camera-related news then neither using misleading images or attempting to ridicule your readers does you any favours......