Nikon D4 And Nikon D800: Camera Of The Year

Voted the best professional cameras of 2012-2013 by the EISA, the Nikon D4 and the Nikon D800 take the lead. The EISA magazines found that the Nikon D4 camera has an exceptional combination of high resolution, wide dynamic range, very low noise levels even at ISO 12800, super- fast autofocus, short response time and high frame rates that can be maintained for very long sequences. We did a review of this camera in the past and found theses qualities to be true.

The Nikon D800 is probably the camera that we were most excited about to come out because it has a lot more audio control. This makes our job easier when we shoot videos for Fstoppers. According to EISA magazine tests, no compromises have been made to the extent of the camera’s dynamic range or noise levels at high ISO settings, its 36-million-pixel full frame sensor offers exceptionally high resolution capture. Its reasonably priced, strong and sturdy body, it offers first-rate metering and a 51-point autofocus system developed from the professional D4.

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Am I the only one who think's this kind of review/award is pretty pointless? All top full frame cameras from Nikon and Canon have their pros and cons. It should be little work for someone who's about to drop at least 3k on a camera to find the right camera for them.

And really, stating that the d800 is a semi-pro camera?

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nope you are not alone..

I'm I the only one who hate it when Pro Gears got presented by models who have no clue how at least  hold it properly!!!!!!!!!????  .......  But the coronation was when she used the Portrait Grip Dial in Landscape orientation :D I LMFAO!!!
Oh!! And before I forget!! Using the Live view all the time like a compact camera is the right way how we should take pictures guys!! :D

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More like an ad!

Lets face it guys. We read post after post after post about people that... by all appearances, just purchase one heck of a lot of gear and shoot very little. Or shoot way under the amount per the investment they have made in the equipment itself.

Since the early 80's when I was a young buck working behind the camera counter, Canon hits the pay dirt with the AE-1 & A1 SLR models and the, 'everyone can be a pro' campaigns took over, the race for sales, and the idiots that follow them have been coming in droves ever since.

We all know people that have the latest and greatest, only to speak to them 4 months later to find that even those pieces of kit have now been replaced by... Something newer and better.

In a lot of people, the craft itself is just lost. it's about what can I get per pixel, color shifts, (one of my personal favs) sensor size, add-ons, and the best yet? VIDEO inside our still cameras. Whata marketing plan this was !

So... Is there news here? Not a drop. Its the same old message from the same people telling us THEIR opinions on what we NEED if your the aforementioned type that just HAS TO HAVE the BEST.(in their opinion)

I will only speak personally, in that once the digital sensor overcame that of my best medium format work from my Hassy and Pentax 6X7, I was looking at the Nikon D2xs. A camera I use commercially everyday, makes me a load of cash, and really.. What else do I need? It's does MORE that I ever could, all those years ago making money with my 36 exposures at a time. I have all the ED glass one could want and more..

I would venture to guess that most of these guys put out under 1% of actual paper prints vs. shots taken. But they have terabytes of really cool lake shots. So for the seasoned people, we know what this hype and flash is all about. They'll keep loading on the technical jargon and telling us how much better our work will be with another 6 grand invested. But we can see through all of that... Can't we

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Why do you not mention that the Canon 5D III won "Best Advanced DSLR" this year from EISA? -___-

D4: "Best Professional Camera"
5D III: "Best Advanced DSLR"
D800: "Best DSLR"

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because they are nikon fanboys....

they mean BS to me.

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We have writers who shoot Canon. We try to make it even with both brands - that being said I felt that we haven't had Nikon exposure in a while. 

 So you decide to give them a "Cameras of the Year" award?

What criteria are you basing this on?

Since Nikon won, does that mean Fuji's X1Pro, Olympus's OMD, Leica's Monochrome, Cano's 5D, etc are inferior products? Awards will only disappoint people who have different preferences in what they need their camera to do.

Lauren didn't decide to give them an award, the EISA did, she didn't base the award on any criteria because she didn't give the award!

Do you struggle to read?

Jesus Christ I shoot Canon, but get off of your fucking fan-boy horse, it's such a BORE to hear.

Chris said ..."Jesus Christ I shoot Canon, but get off of your fucking fan-boy horse, it's such a BORE to hear."

Wow Chris .....nice choice of words.  

Do you struggle with the inability to present your opinion without sounding like an adolescent child.  It's so SAD to read such words. 

I could care less about your opinion of me Tom. It's 'sad' to see you're not as tired as most are with these mindless fan-boy comments.

His post makes NO sense, it's barely even in the context of Laurens article.

Ah ....but you did care enough to respond to my observation ....tag your it!

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english is not even my first language, and i get it, wtf is wrong with you?

Take a chill pill (or more english lessons!) Felipe's called banter......

Why would you think that Lauren Jonas gave anyone a Camera of the year award? Furthermore, there are very few products that offer similar all around benefits as the 1dx/D4. The Fujis Leicas and Olympus' do not offer the same all around quality.  

 As others have pointed out, the EISA gave a whole bunch of camera of the year awards out to different models based on their criteria. Even Fuji and Olympus picked up a camera of the year award.

My comment was that I thought the title which listed two cameras with just "camera of the year" is misleading. The other make and models of camera all can appeal to people who want different things from their camera.

Anyways, I enjoy seeing creative photos and videos on this website, regardless of which camera the photographer used.

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It's just not worth posting this sort of stuff, and the "journalism" is often lacking so badly; if you're going to report something, at least give the full story. Even in this case, the rest of the story, isn't really important anyway, just like the main story here. EISA. OH BOY.

This site used to be far more interesting and have far better content... I understand that something must be posted to generate interest in the users who frequent this place, but still. This is a stretch, really, it is.

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A friend of mine shoots both these cameras for weddings/portraits and I have to admit that the D800 does produce stunning results. Even though it might not be a "pro" camera the results are certainly pro.

What has happened to fstoppers?  I feel that in an attempt to broaden the content, the audience has become that of every other photo site.  This was the place to got for great tips, bts looks at photogs and inspirational stories.  Now there is a lack of appreciation for one another, for equipment and for styles of photography.  I am truly disappointed by the direction this site has gone in.  I am not blaming the fstoppers founders, I am merely expressing my discontent.  It was great when it was the best kept secret.  Now I barely even want to come to the page.