Nikon Drops Third Teaser For Upcoming Z 9 and It's What We've Been Waiting For

In the continuing buildup to the upcoming release of Nikon’s new flagship camera, the Z 9, Nikon has just released the third teaser of the camera to come.

With all due respect to articulating screens and overheating, let’s be honest: what all photographers really want to know about the upcoming Nikon Z 9 is how good the autofocus is. Correctly or incorrectly, this one issue has been the main bugaboo for pundits on the interwebs since the release of the original Z cameras, and, no doubt, it has been something that has kept many an existing Nikon shooter from making the switch from their class-leading DSLR autofocus systems to mirrorless.

As soon as the Z 9 development was announced several months ago, the first thing they did was to proclaim that it would arrive with the best autofocus system in the industry. So, can it live up to the hype?

Obviously, there’s no way to tell that until getting the actual camera in hand, but if today’s teaser is any indication, Nikon intends to live up to its promise. You can check out the teaser above to see the little yellow focus box tracking focus on the eyes of runners, footballers, and even a race car’s headlamps. I think headlamps are technically the eyes of a car, right?

So, what do you think? Do we feel like Nikon is ready to put the autofocus questions to bed with the Z 9? Are you lining up to get yours when it hits the shelf? Aside from the screen, 8K video performance, and autofocus, what other features are you curious to know more about in the upcoming system? As a long-time Nikonian, I am anxious to get my hands on the system to see how it performs.

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Christopher Malcolm is a Los Angeles-based lifestyle, fitness, and advertising photographer, director, and cinematographer shooting for clients such as Nike, lululemon, ASICS, and Verizon.

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Whatever floats your boat. I don't ever see me getting a mirrorless, or for that matter an autofocus lens. I am more than happy with my 34 AIS Nikkors on both my film and DSLR cameras.

I hope it's everything that the initial hype hints at. Then I hope the R1, whenever that arrives, does the same. Good for we camera consumers.

I have the Z7ii and have been shooting with it since December of last year. There was never an issue with the autofocus system on this camera. This rumor was created by the bloggers that used the camera for a week and gave it bad ratings. I shoot a LOT of sports with this camera and never use eye auto focus, I use "AF Area" mode. This is the AF mode that Nikon recommends when shooting fast sports and moving vehicles. I get 98% focus success, 2% is user error on my part. The eye auto focus to me is a gimmick, something a non-photographer/casual point and shoot user would want. Might be useful for portraits but I don't use it much. I know that's controversial, I don't want to argue this.. Just my opinion. The Z lenses are the best out of the big 3 companies and the Z7ii is one of the the best camera on the market right now. So sad to see the bad press from dumb bloggers that don't shoot very often and instead just review new products. This can be debated all day long. In the end.. the images speak for themselves and I love the images I'm capturing! Can't wait to get my hands on a Z9 for sports.

+1 to this comment ^^ been using the Z7 since release day, sold my D850 for the move, haven't looked back. any issues ive ever had have been my own user error, focus like said above is not an issue at all. Love my Z7 and the user experience.

The Z7II has vastly improved AF. The original criticisms were leveled due to the AF on the Z6 and Z7, which are abysmal at tracking. I say this as a Z7 user and can confirm that my camera is absolute trash at tracking subjects. Fortunately for me, I shoot mainly still subjects so it doesn't affect me, but it certainly isn't some rumor created by bloggers. The reason that the Z6II and Z7II don't get talked about a whole lot was because they were rather unexciting refreshes of the original models and, honestly, the cameras that Nikon should have released in the first place.

Seems the sound of the shutter burst stops before the jumper and the dirt flying in the air end, I’m not sure of all the images the camera captured if it got the one I’d choose

So, we have cold technique used in television to pimp the narrative before the show. Often, the "show" is over "pimped". Nikon may want to fire the PR firm on the Z9. Nikon's legacy in the camera world slowly declines in market share. Sad for me, I really like Nikon. I went to Fuji last year. Smart products and lower price points. But I cheer you on Nikon.