Nikon Just Teased Its Roadmap of Mirrorless Lenses

Nikon Just Teased Its Roadmap of Mirrorless Lenses

Nikon fans, take note: the Japanese manufacturer has just released a teaser of all of the glass that Nikon mirrorless users can expect to see in the near future, bringing the total number of lenses to 27.

Nikon took almost the opposite approach to Canon, initially releasing a range of slightly slower, more affordable glass as opposed to Canon’s massive aperture monsters (with the exception of the Noct, of course — currently only $7,499 thanks to a holiday discount). Here’s the latest graphic published on the Nikon UK website:

An overview of Nikon's mirrorless lenses can be found on the Nikon USA website.

What many have been waiting for are the super fast primes, and while Nikon is still being cagey with the apertures, there’s one lens that fans will be keen to see: the second S-Line 85mm. No-one yet knows whether it will be f/1.2 or f/1.8, and the closest we can get to figuring it out is comparing the silhouette with the existing S-Line 85mm f/1.8:

There are a couple of compact, affordable primes in the pipeline — a 28mm and a 40mm, and no doubt the S-Line 24-105mm (can we assume that this will be f/4?) and the S-Line Micro 105mm will also draw broad interest. 

The order remains to be seen, and some might be determined by whether Nikon pushes to release a mirrorless version of the D6 in time for the Tokyo Olympics, perhaps making the massive telephoto lenses a more pressing need.

What are you most excited to see and which lenses do you think Nikon should bring to market first? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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I'm rooting for Nikon to get out of their doldrums. Hope this helps!

I highly doubt it will be an 1.8 . They already have the excellent 85 1.8S .

That silhouetted 85mm is FAT, pretty much guaranteed it is going to be a 1.2, exciting!

I'm sure it has been written somewhere that it will be f1.2. I can't see why Nikon would release another S line 85mm 1.2. If it isn't 1.2, it will be 1.4.

Nice, waiting for 40mm

One of the first z lens was the 24-70 f/4, perfect for landscape, then the 14-30 f/4, also great for landscape, so where is the 70-200 f/4? Incredibly frustrating they didn’t finish the trinity. A lot of people don’t need an f/2.8 zoom.

I see the 24-105mm coming quick as it is an excellent kit lens for the better models. Then the 400mm and 600mm for the Olympics. The 105mm micro would be a good broad appeal lens as well. But who knows, we can only speculate (Which is fun, isn't it?).

That 24-105mm silhouette is kind of fat. I wonder if it will be faster than f/4

I wish they would make their 50mm macro sooner, I think the underestimate the sellability of that lens. I use a 60mm micro and cropping on that lens sometimes produces sharper images than an all in one zoom at 200mm. The 50 would also be nice to be in the s-line. That's what a lot of product photographers will be using. You can also take brilliant portraits and even some landscape shots, it's a great all purpose lens, but "macro" is often misunderstood.

Everyone is releasing "roadmaps" and nobody is going anywhere

I am really hoping that 40mm is something like a regular f2 pancake lens and not a DX micro Nikkor lens.
The compact 28mm can be f2.8 so it is small and light but it also needs to be full frame.
Then I would love to see a 105mm f2 portrait lens!

I’m there with you . It would be a great travel and street lens .

The roadmap has been labelling the DX lenses as DX in advance, and these aren't labelled DX so hopefully they should be full frame. I'm assuming they will be f2.8 or maybe f2. It would be very handy if they have VR, as the 28mm on the Z50 would make a killer portable combination. Even without VR it will still be good.

I was excited by those pancake lenses, then I zoomed in and realised they were teleconverters haha

With f/4 seeming to be the 'new normal' for lenses from Nikon for Z, I won't be going there anytime soon. Nikons legacy is with faster glass. I don't get why the new generation of folks buying into Z put up with this.

Actually, they're mixed in with the other less and offer flexibility. The 70-200 2.8 S lens looks amazing however, I would prefer the F4 version if it were available. The beauty of it is that there are other options though limited at the moment. However, lens selection will improve with time.

John, I'm not sure where you got that from. The f4 lenses the Z equivalent of the variable aperture zooms that are on the f mount. Instead of something like f3.5 - 5.6/6.3 you get f4 constant aperture, and this is premium glass. Far better than the f-mount stuff. The S line primes are the equivalent of the f-mount f1.4 lenses, just in f1.8. They are much better than the f mount lenses.