Nikon Is No Longer Accepting Equipment for Repair

Nikon Is No Longer Accepting Equipment for Repair

As coronavirus continues to cause shutdowns across many industries around the globe, the camera world is feeling the effects too. Nikon is the latest to announce restrictions, as they have shut down their repair program for the time being and will not be accepting any gear. 

Nikon posted the news on their service center website, which reads:

Nikon prioritizes the health and safety of our employees and customers. Due to the impact of COVID-19 and in accordance with mandates issued by the federal government and various state governments, we have temporarily suspended equipment repairs at our service facilities and are not currently accepting equipment.

Nikon has not given a timeline for the return of its equipment repair service, though given the continually evolving situation, it is not surprising that they do not have a definitive date as of yet. As such, if you have any Nikon equipment that needs to be repaired, you will need to hang on to it for now, though if it is near the end of its warranty period, it would be worth speaking to the company to ensure proper arrangements are made in case your warranty expires before service resumes. 

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Johnny Rico's picture

Well the jobs to break our gear on are drying up unfortunately..

Reginald Walton's picture

Umm, can't they just watch the video posted on this site on how to disinfect your gear and then begin the repair? Asking for a friend.

super steel_'s picture

they never did it well to begin with. no harm no foul.

super steel_'s picture

I did. multiple times. so were already at only 50% of unsatisfied.

they do a lot of "impact damage" from many ive heard from

Morris Erickson's picture

They were the last manufacturer to support independent, authorized repair shops until they pulled the plug on those poor guys last month. Now the shops are stuck with expensive testing equipment that Nikon required them to buy and they have been been cut off from parts and technical information.