Nikon Says to Stop Worrying, a Dozen More Lenses Are Coming in the Next 12 Months

Despite lots of exciting news from a variety of brands in the first few months of 2021, Nikon has been relatively quiet, leading to rumors of delays. The company has spoken, however, and has said that that isn't the case and that we can expect a lot of activity in the months to come. 

In a recent interview with Tech Radar, Nikon said "there is no such delay" regarding the rumors surrounding lens releases, meaning they still plan to release approximately a dozen lenses by the end of this financial year (March 2022), which will bring the Z mount's lineup to approximately 30 total lenses. Some photographers have been frustrated by Nikon's relatively slow pace and focus on mostly pragmatic lenses first, while rivals like Canon continue to release boundary-pushing lenses at breakneck paces. Nonetheless, the reception of the lenses that have appeared has generally been quite good, with a lot of praise for their optical quality, and if Nikon continues that high standard with the forthcoming lenses, I am sure the Z mount line will continue to command respect. Either way, with a dozen lenses to come in less than a year, it sounds like things are about to get exciting for Nikon shooters and competition will be heating up! 

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Alex Coleman's picture

What are the odds they just introduce 3 more 50mm lenses? Still need a f/1.4, f/2.8 pancake, and f/4 Micro...

Hans J. Nielsen's picture

Don't think we will se any f/1.4s when they have the new line of f/1.8s
The light gathering capability T-stop is basically the same compared to the old F-mount lenses.

Matt Rennells's picture

There are 11 lenses that have not been released on the Oct '20 Z lens roadmap. Since 11 is "approximately a dozen" one can assume those are the lenses they are talking about. I would also bet the first announcements are on the long end to get those out before the Olympics (along with the Z9 in mid June).

Nacona Nix's picture

Nikon will not survive long enough to produce more than one more flagship camera. The lenses are beside the point.

Christian Berens's picture

i'm sure they'll take your opinion in to consideration.... LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Nacona Nix's picture

Let's revisit a couple of years from now, chief.

Adrian Morton's picture

They removed my last comment it still stands, you're talking absolute shite go and toss yourself over your Sony kit

Adrian Morton's picture

Oh hang on Nikon just released their financial and business data for the half year , which is projected year end $145 million. The image business revenue business is making profit this year so not going anywhere

Jim Tincher's picture

Wow... you must have a crystal ball or something..... 😂😂😂...

Marco Fiorini's picture

...and if Nikon says we don't have to worry...

J. W.'s picture

Actually, I read the linked article, and they never said "Stop Worrying" or "Nikon reassures fans," as mentioned in that article. A case of writer's flair, because you know, clicks.

Marco Fiorini's picture

Yeah, it was kinda imaginable that Nikon didn't ever say exactly "don't worry", otherwise they would have to admit that there is a problem to worry about, in a non direct way, and this is not really the Nikon policy we are used to..I was just trying to do humor about the lack of trust some of the NIkon users start to feel lately..

Marcelo Valente's picture

I was wondering where in the article says "stop Worrying"?

Andy Smith's picture

Tooo late. Got tired of waiting for lenses so moved completely to another brand. The slap in the face was releasing a Z6 II, Z7 II, and a Z9 before filling in at least some of the missing lenses.
I had been a Nikon only photographer for 45 years.

T Jacobs's picture

You're aware that they moved all of their facilities and that lens fabrication and body fabrication can occur concurrently, aren't you? They didn't prioritize bodies over lenses.

Andy Smith's picture

I know they moved part or all of manufacturing to Thailand. I’ve been waiting for the new lenses for a year. After purchasing a Z6 and several lenses, what was missing was a native telephoto. Was going to buy a Z9 but it would still lack the lenses to make it useful.
We leave this Saturday for an around the US trip. So we sold all of the Z equipment and bought all new Sony. Nikon 19 lenses can not compete with the full line of Sony lenses, 143 I think. Bought what I needed to fill the void.
I doubt I’ll ever go back to Nikon - feel like I was betrayed.

T Jacobs's picture

Not looking for an argument but, I'm confused why would feel betrayed. It took Sony a decade to release ~40 35mm E-mount lenses. It would be crazy to think Nikon would be able to do the same in 3 years. I understand not wanting to wait, but that's the price one pays as an early adopter. Enjoy your trip!

Robert Williams's picture

You remember when Nikon would bring out a new 18-55 every other month? I wonder if they're planning to release 8 18-55s, a superzoom, and then 3 lenses people actually want.