ONA Releases New Bags: Prince Street and Berlin II

ONA Releases New Bags: Prince Street and Berlin II

ONA, makers of some fine fashion-forward camera bags, has announced the availability of new camera bags: the Prince Street and Berlin II. The bags are designed to carry a camera, two lenses, an iPad and personal items. The Berlin II is a Leica collaboration and made for the Leica M-System. It features one signature red rivet and a red interior. 

ONA's bags are gorgeous to look at and plainly functional when you look at them from a very strict camera bag standpoint. They're clearly a fashion statement at least as much as they are a bag. 

Here is the Berlin II (a successor to the wildly successful Berlin):

And here are the two models of the Prince Street:

The Prince Street looks pretty similar to the Brixton we reviewed last year (which we loved). Make sure you check out that review here.

Get more information on the Prince Street (and in leather) as well as the Berlin II at ONA.com. 

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TRON !'s picture

Nice bags if you're into carrying a man-purse.

Such mature. Much manliness. wow.

I love my man-purse, it's great. I can carry stuff around, and not look like half a SWAT team while doing so.

Anonymous's picture

Ona Berlin II Vintage Bourbon is the right name.
Better for a good whiskey

I have the Berlin for around town and the Brixton for travel and have to tell you, these are great bags. Very well built and the right size for the job. Worth every penny in my book.

I must agree, the build quality is no match to ANY other leather I've seen (photo or not, bags or other...)

Very thick leather, scratches easily but nothing a good oiling can't get out and you can feel like your grand kids are going to find your old rebel in it in 50 years... The rebel they might toss it but not the bag!

I can tell I'm not the target audience when I want the product until the advertising turns me completely off them.

They seem to be targeted at old men with little hair and a lot of money, or rich kids. I have an Ona bag (Union street) and I love it, but these advertisements made me want to throw up.

R M's picture

I think the bags look great! The only downside is the price of the leather prince street.
My bag is a nice leather burkley bag with a national geographic insert, works great for 3 times less the money!