The PC Sync Cord Needs To Die

Why am I using digital SLR cameras and wireless radio triggers that are at the forefront of technology but I am also forced to use the PC sync cord which has been out for over 60 years. It never works and I want it to die.


If you would like to invest in the Nikon Screw Lock PC cords (they work with Canon too) check out Zebra Flash or Paramount Cords. I prefer the design of the screw lock found at Flash Zebra but Paramount also does custom cords too if you need those.

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Rafael Telles's picture

I hate the PC sync socket as well. Wish mono plugs did took over :)

Daniel's picture

the sooner the better

Jeff Hubis's picture

I laughed when I saw this video because I have been thinking the same thing for so long... I hate the PC Cord. Its absolutely archaic technology and should have been gone along time ago.

Lee Morris's picture

I'm glad others agree with me on this one... It's crap but nobody will admit it!

David's picture

I'm in total agreement with this. I know that Broncolor's using 3.5mm jacks on their strobes, I would be very pleased if they would make their way into small speedlights, too. I find myself using pliers to just squeeze the tips of some of my PC sync cords a little bit so they'll STOP FALLING OUT of my speedlights all the time. So useless.

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Wyatt M.'s picture

Not only is it an unreliable connection, especially on shoots that require a lot of movement, but the port is always located in the weirdest spots. If you have tiny little spider hands, this is the perfect set-up for you, but for the other 99.9%, I think they would like to see this technology disappear forever. I know I would.

Brian's picture

I saw an alternative to the PC sync cable that could work for many situations. Phottix has just created a PocketWizard compatible trigger called the Phottix Atlas that has a built-in hotshoe. Each of them are transceivers so you can slide one into your hot shoe and then attach your flash units to the hotshoes on the other units. That eliminates the PC cord -- or any cord -- entirely.

Check it out here:

Here's an early review:

John Engel's picture

That's great, but where do you buy in the United States?

Adrian Staicu's picture

YES - Kill the stupid connector. I get about 5% of images black on photoshoots just because of this stupid connector. I usualy wrap the cable on the lens to keep it from moveing.

3.5mm jacks is a simple and cheap alternative. I would also recomend this for remote control. Canon 400D has a micro jack (2.5 mm I think), very easy to make your own remote trigger.

Jason (me) peters's picture

I hate missing shots that just cant be done over because a PC cord wiggles loose! To hell with it!

Picture Me 2 with an iPad's picture

I hate the PC sync cord and socket! I wish someone will create something more reliable!! You are 100% right!

Nick E.'s picture

My Elinchrom wireless flash trigger works well. I just put it into the hot shoe, no cords needed. But If that system should make trouble, I still carry my trusty PC sync cord with me. If one doesn't jump around like a parrot on 3000 volts, it's a very reliable system. Plus, I can shoot everything from the 2011 model DSLR down to the 1950s medium format TLR. Dear manufacturers, please let the PC sync live.