Pre-order Canon's Newest Pro Super-Teles Now!

Pre-order Canon's Newest Pro Super-Teles Now!

Okay, so maybe it's beyond your budget. But if you've been waiting for these updates, they're finally here -- Canon's top of the line super-teles! With redesigned fluorite glass, 3-mode image stabilization, and a lightweight, magnesium/titanium design, there's not much more a photographer could want. Can't wait? Pre-order the 500mm f/4 IS II or the 600mm f/4 IS II now. Can't hurt to look...

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Lens little bit over my budget

i don't think i can find space for this lens....let alone trying to find some usage for it...being a wedding photographer...i don't know if i'll ever use one of these. I'm sure others can find usage for it...but i'm happy with my 70-200mm

I'm surprised they're still making these in white, it's hideous! -and they advertise a smoother focus for videographers? No videographer would ever want to use this, not only would it not fit easily into a camera rig but no professional cinematographer in his right mind would use any gear that isn't black for the sake of possible light reflections. 

i don't think they made these for video production. I think their more gear towards sports and nature.

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I'm not a expert on this, but I think reflections wont be a problem considering the subject will be extreamly far away since they are 500 and 600mm focal lengths. 

Wildlife documentary?

it's white to keep the internal thermals more consistent and keep the lens cooler outdoors. also wtf reflection? really? these things wont focus closer than eight or so feet, and it's a matte paint finish reflecting diffuse light ... not to mention you wouldn't use it at that range anyway. you're trolling hard. 

Have done some Panning shots with the previous versions at a rally. I must say these babies are quite a workout so you can save money on the gym

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12,999.99 can't be that high....think I'll get two in case I forget one.