Preorders for the Nikon D5, D500, and Accessories Are Now Available

Preorders for the Nikon D5, D500, and Accessories Are Now Available

Did you catch the news today? Nikon went on a spree, releasing flagship FX and DX cameras, as well as some exciting new accessories. Pre-orders are now available; use the links in this post to grab your gear as soon as possible, as these are likely to be some highly popular items!

Are you planning on picking up some of that snazzy new Nikon equipment? I may be a Canon guy, but even I was longingly browsing the Nikon collection today, as Nikon has come out firing on all fronts, giving us some remarkable cameras and accessories. If you're upgrading or purchasing for the first time, here's where to go.

Nikon D5

The D5 is a no-compromise camera. With a significantly upgraded AF system, deep buffer, unheard of ISO capabilities, and features any professional would appreciate, this camera is sure not to disappoint. It will come in two variants, one with dual XQD card slots and one with dual CF card slots. Get them here:

Nikon D5 with dual XQD card slots

Nikon D5 with dual CF card slots

Nikon D500

The D500 is, in many ways, a miniature D5. The DX format camera features dual XQD and SD card slots, 4K video, the D5's autofocus system, 10 fps shooting with a 79-shot raw buffer, and ISO capabilities that are unprecedented for APS-C format cameras. Get it here:

Nikon D500 (body only)

Nikon D500 with 16-80mm lens

Nikon SB-5000 Speedlight

​Nikon's new flagship speedlight is its first with RF capabilities. Featuring a 98-foot range, a guide number of 113 ft. at ISO 100 and 35mm, and an advanced cooling system to enable longer and more frequent usage, it's sure to be a go-to for many portrait, event, and wedding photographers. 

Nikon SB-5000 Speedlight

Nikon WT-6 and WT-7 Wireless Transmitters

Featuring file transfer speeds of up to 130 mbps via 802.11ac, a range of approximately 656 ft., and wireless camera controls, the WT-6 and WT-7 transmitters will be highly useful for sports photographers and photojournalists, as well as anyone else who prefers wireless transfers and control. 

Nikon WT-6 for the Nikon D5

Nikon WT-7 for the Nikon D500

​Are you picking up new Nikon gear? Let us know what you've purchased and how you plan to use it in the comments! 


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A Canadian site is showing MSRP on the D5 here in Canada as being just shy of 9K... A 3 grand difference in price.

Jesus wept.

you should take that 3k and come to the states for a week and buy it here. free vacation. basically.

The big bomb was the D500. Crop frame Nikon users have been harping for years about a replacement, and today it came big time. A tip of the hat to the D3/D300 release. Although It's a nice camera, I can never go back to DX. I shot film for a long time and switching over to DX initially when I got into digital kinda cramped my style. Full frame for me.

I hear you. I sometimes long for a 7D II simply for the reach when I'm shooting sports or horses, but beyond that occasional need, full frame is where it's at for me.

The D500 is what I am looking at. 4K video on a crop sensor is sweet! Was looking to upgrade my crop body for video and that is a target camera for my needs. That can also serve as a street camera and for things I do not want to use the D800 for. Awesome announcement. Setting the bar high for 2016 and living up to Sony's innovations.

P.S. - Only downside here is that external recording is 8bit and not 10 bit. Not a big deal for me right now, but may turn off some customers. The D5 does not state at what bit depth you can record externally to, which is strange. Anything under 10bit will be a huge disappointment for pros.

I've read that video is shot with 2x crop on the sensor, so, not that impressive. More of a gimmick.

10 bit would be sweet indeed, any details on the codec/ recording format ?
I hope it's not something ridiculous as mpeg4 or god forbid motionJpeg.

This is still not as impactful of an announcement as The IQ3 100MP. That is an extinction level announcement for the competition.

The what and the what?

Depends on how and what you're shooting. The IQ3 is a very limited and expensive beast compared to the capabilities afforded to you by the D5 and D500.

agreed, two entirely different systems for shooting styles that couldn't possibly be much further apart. the IQ3 is a medium format camera with a huge megapixel count, perfect for studio, fashion and product work. the D5 has 20mpx but a huge ISO range and will be amazing for journalists, documentary and sports shooters....apples and oranges.

They are two different systems for two different markets, but I think the IQ3 100mp is more about Sony. They are pushing the Sensor Game to new heights. Remember that MF sensors were CCD only, now CMOS is being applied to allow for a very large ISO range in this field. This will certainly have a trickle down effect to smaller cameras. Some would say that maybe the technology is trickling up to MF. Either way, no other sensor will match the quality of this back and it is certainly exciting.

My advice for anyone who's interested in placing an order right now is to wait a few months for the new D510 or de D5s.

Waiting for new revisions is a never-ending wait. At some point people just need to commit and realize that there will always be bigger and better in the future.

It was just a joke because the Nikon D810, D610 and D750...

what is outrageous is the price about Wi-Fi connector and the new speed like for 600 bucks . I can only think that Nikons profits are going to stink like a dead anchor . They don't seem to get it how much third-party vendors have products for a third of the cost . Nikon reminds me of IBM In PC days when they thought they had the market cornered . There is so much disruptive technology in the marketplace now, I don't see how they are going to make a profit on these new items .

Absolutely love my nikon d300, but would I buy a d500 for 2000$ when I can buy a d750 for 1800$? If I had the money, no, probably not simply because of the full frame capabilities, but if my d300 were to die and I needed a full replacement, I'd probably consider the d500 for sports...

That was my exact thought.

I'm heavily invested in FF bodies and lenses. I just ordered the D5 but still have my eye on the D500. As some have stated, the D500 for me would really be just a fun camera to have for reach with my FF tele's. Nice carry around camera too I think. I'm guessing the low light ability with the new sensor will be on par or exceed my D810 and may rival my D4. You can't beat that. Good job Nikon! Keeping the brand on top!

Not going to lie, this is impressive, however, I just don't understand why Nikon didn't do this with a FF mount like the D750. They gave a crop censor that nice circular viewfinder, but gave the 750 the crappy 7100/7200 one? Little miffed about that, but whatever. Still an impressive release.