[Rare Lens] $160,000 Nikkor 6mm 2.8 Fisheye Can See Behind You

It's not everyday that you get to see a rare 1970s Nikkor 6mm Fisheye lens. It's even more unlikely that you get to see one mounted to the rare Nikon D800 DSLR body! The guys at Grays of Westinster mounted the two elusive beasts to show how insane it is to have a 220º angle of view. If you have $160,000 saved up, and need to see behind you as you shoot, it might be worth picking up one of these rare lenses. Now where are those full res D800 files so everyone can complain about purple fringing?

Focal length/Aperture: 6mm f/2.8
Lens construction: 12 elements in 9 groups
Picture angle: 220°
Diaphragm: Automatic
Aperture scale: f/2.8-f/22 on' both standard and aperture-direct-readout scales
Exposure measurement: Via full aperture method; meter coupling ridge provided for Al cameras and meter coupling shoe for non-AI cameras
Distance scale: Graduated in meters and feet from 0.25m (0.9 ft.) to infinity (oo)
Weight : 5,200g
Dimensions: 236mm dia. x 171mm long (overall); 160mm extension from lens flange
Filters: Built-in: skylight (L1BC), medium yellow (Y 48), deep yellow (Y52); orange (056), and red (R60)
Front lens cap: Slip-on
Lens hood : None; Lens case :Trunk case
Usable teleconverter: TC-200, TC-201

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This video was kind of a let down considering how interesting this lens really is!

"Usable teleconverter" WHY???

If this video shows the true potential to this lens I'll give ya a dollar for it.   There is no purpose behind this lens. Can you shoot skateboarders with it? pry not since the glass is supper big? can you honestly tell the difference in quality from a normal fishy can that be manipulated in post later on? If you ask me it truly is a giant and expensive paperweight or fishbowl.   I thought technology was suppose to get smaller not bigger.   I don't see a use for this lens on today's market. 

It is from the 1970's ....

What are you talking about? This lens was made in 1972 its not a recent technology. Way not to read the article. 

Psssst, this isn't a new lens.

wow how long did it take you to write this cause you could have used that time to read the article.

This is so cool! I would love to play around with this, I mean who doesn't wan't to be able to look BEHIND yourself!

@Jimmy. You seem to have missed the part where it said the price and that it was only made in 1972 and never since. As in they made it because they could, not because the market actually was there for it. It's simply an unprecedented feat of a camera lens.

yeah no. this video didn't show much informative stuff about this lens...

I don't see how it sees behind anything, i've watched the video a few times and others online and i don't see anywhere that shows it seeing behind itself. the guy holds his hand to the side and you can see the hand on the side but its not like he holds his hand behind the lens and you can see it. 

Wouldn't thank you for one - appreciate the video tho'. At least now I can quantify how much is too much for a bit of glass.

This video has the worst soundtrack ever. I had to turn it off halfway thru--the music not the video. Awesome lens though.

at 2:02 he has his hand near the camera and it can be seen on screen.

When they say it sees behind itself, I'm pretty sure they mean it can see things further back than the very front of the lens.  It is physically impossible to see any further than rear of the glass element.

Video sample is not THAT impressive, is it? =)

So basically you have this interesting glass and no photo samples. Are we in 1800?!!?!?!?!?!?!?! WTF!

Awesome lens... maybe someone will give it a proper presentation... perhaps Fstoppers Originals will feature this lens :) just thinking out loud :)

The most underwhelming, ridiculous, overpriced lens ever made.  It looks like crappy security camera footage.

BTW, do you think ANYONE would take this lens outside and shoot all the AWESOME footage you guys are complaining that isn't shown here??  all it takes is one mistake, the 1 in a MILLION chance that something goes wrong, and you have a potentially VERY costly problem....$160,000??  Did you SEE how much bubble wrap and extra packaging there was around that thing?? no way they're ever taking it outside to shoot samples...we'll have to wait and see who buys it, and maybe they'll shoot some samples...

Well they could have easily taken photos with it mounted when they took that video.

The video is not that exciting but alll the negative comments are to harsh: what did you except??? This is just a curiosity article! About the "See behind itself" thing: if you draw a line parallel to the sensor at the front of the lens, you have a 180ª angle- this camera has a 220º angle of view, so it can see behind the front of the lens

it's been sold now http://blog.graysofwestminster.co.uk/2012/05/01/amateur-photographer-nikon’s-100k-fisheye-lens-whopper-finds-buyer/

Oh god i want that thing!

I have shot with this lens back in the 1970's. It was about a $6k or $8k purchase back then. If I remember correctly, they also made an 8mm 180 degree lens for a couple thousand less money.