A Review of One of the Most Legendary Lenses Ever Made

There are a few lenses that are so extreme in their designs and capabilities that they stay legendary long after they have been replaced by newer models. One such lens is the Canon 200mm f/1.8L, and this fantastic video review takes a look at what it is like shooting with this awesome lens.

Coming to you from DPReview TV, this great video review takes at Canon 200mm f/1.8L lens. The 200mm f/1.8L is the predecessor to the EF 200mm f/2L IS USM and was intended for sports and photojournalism work, although it also found a home as a portrait lens. The f/1.8 version was originally discontinued due to lead in the production process, and while the newer version is a bit sharper and adds image stabilization, the original version continues to be sought after by collectors and enthusiasts, particularly since its maximum aperture is about a third wider, giving it unbelievable background-melting abilities. I have written before about how the 200mm f/2L is the lens I will never sell, and though I have never had the opportunity to shoot with the f/1.8, it sure looks like an absolute blast to work with. Check out the video above for the full rundown on the lens. 

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Chris Rogers's picture

dayum. Irene got the skills. Some great shots with that lens.

Toby Marshall's picture

Remind me to let you do a review of my 8 inch f2.0 Dallmeyer Super Six which covers 6x9 inches...

Alex Cooke's picture

Hey, don't forget to let me do a review of your 8 inch f2.0 Dallmeyer Super Six which covers 6x9 inches