Sandisk 32GB Extreme III

Sandisk 32GB Extreme III

Who It’s For:

Well, if you need a 32GB card and want rock steady reliability and a great warranty this is the camera for you.

What We Like:

Speed: I’ve never had any issues even shooting with the D4 at full speed.

Size: While I don’t think this card is big enough to only have one for tons of shooting with something like a D800 at full uncompressed raw, they’re big cards so for casual shooting this is a great card.

What We Don’t:

Nothing: For pretty much everything, this is an awesome card. If you need it, get it.

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Jorge Moro's picture

Wow.  Talk about putting ALL YOUR EGGS in one basket.  I think shooting with anything over 16G dangerous. I shoot with my d700 and d800 and don't use anything over 16G.  If for some reason the card is damaged, or lost then I'm only out those images... Not my entire days shoot.  I do agree it's convenient but for me the trade-off is not worth it.

Jorge - question. 

1. go shoot a wedding all by yourself. take two d800's. stick one 64gb sandisk extreme 3 in each cam and hit format. go shoot wedding. don't change cards or batteries all day long. just go. 

2. go shoot a wedding all by yourself. take two d800's and 4 16 gig cards for each camera. first card fills up. put it away. second card fills up put it away. grab third card...insert into camera and oh wait this card is full! but I was care full and grabbed from the right spot. hit playback. AHHH it's the engagement shoot from wednesday. I did download this to my computer right?!? I know I did! I remember doing that! But it's so important. What if I didn't!! and I just think I did. 

point not juggling cards and taking chances messing up do to human error. That is actually more likely to happen and losing any number of photos is not ok with me. In almost 9 years of wedding shooting and 150+ weddings Ive never had cards mess up on me. I use good sandisk and lexar cards only. practice good formatting. big cards are good!

It depends on your workflow.  If you have a dual card slot, it would not matter much.

I agree Jorge... I shot close to 30 weddings this year, nothing over 16GB with my d600 plus I use JPEG to second card slot. All cards are numbered, using a labeler, and are formatted before I get into my car to shoot the wedding.  No issues whats so ever with "picking the right card".  I don't reformat at all during the wedding.  I have about 200+ GB of SanDisks 

Chad Mauger's picture

I think I spotted a typo. "...this is the *camera* for you." ?