Sell Your Photography Gear With "My Gadgets" From eBay

eBay rolled out a new feature to their website with "My Gadgets" which can track current prices of the gear you are looking to sell.

I am sure some are out there saying "Ya that's what eBay does, you big dummy" but this looks to be a different feature on the surface. It is more like a location on your account to track and manage items you add to your gadgets page and keep tabs on current selling prices. 

What looks interesting about this is that you can add all of your items that you are looking to move and keep track of their current value and how well they are selling on eBay.

I gave it a quick run through using a few camera bodies and different lenses and it showed me current pricing of how the gear is being sold across eBay. If you have ever sold anything on eBay than you probably know what is it like searching for the same item and trying to figure out the value or what people are currently paying for it. The price trends is probably the biggest feature of the new site, giving you the ability to track what other people are selling the same item at and decide when the a good time is to sell the item.

It's an improved search and tracking function of eBay, might be worth a look if you are wanting to get rid of some of your photography gear.






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This is pretty useful, even just because is saves it for you and keeps it nicely organized. Thanks eBay!

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interesting, I'll have to check it out. I've had much more luck in selling my gear locally on Craigslist to get a higher price. I typically go on which enables you to search nationwide across CL for what people are charging locally for their gear. This typically gives you a good idea on what the going market rate is for your gear on Craiglist. There is always someone who is willing to sacrifice their gear on Ebay for a low price that people then expect as the norm.

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This is amazing idea what ebay did. Selling on ebay will be easier

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