Seven More of the Best Nikon Tricks

Although it is popular to talk about mirrorless cameras these days, DSLR cameras are still alive, and with the help of some useful tricks, you can make the most of your DSLR. Especially if you own a Nikon camera, you might be surprised with these features that most photographers skip using.

Well-known nature photographer Steve Perry has published a video previously about Nikon tricks, and in this second video of the series, he shares seven new tricks about Nikon cameras, with in-depth explanations.

Most photographers prefer Nikon due to its advantages in ergonomics, technical aspects, and some other features that don’t exist in other brands in the market. For example, formatting a memory card is easier and quicker, without navigating the menu, by just using the buttons on the camera. Or, you can turn on or turn off the grid lines in the viewfinder, without changing the focusing screen; and this has been a standard feature on most Nikon cameras for long years. In terms of ergonomics, Nikon also has some advantages, especially on high-end models, such as ease of toggling between AF options over a physical button next to the lens mount. While each camera has its own advantages, these are just a few examples that Nikon offers, and with the unnoticed in-camera settings, you can get more from your Nikon camera.

Are you a Nikon user who knows every detail about Nikon cameras? Or, are you using another brand that has advantages over Nikon? If so, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Deleted Account's picture

I think you could have worded the first sentence in the third paragraph better.

Grant Schwingle's picture

I love going through the custom settings on Nikons. Most of this information is contained within the camera itself if when browsing the custom settings menu you press the '?' button it will literally tell you what the function is...

Adam Peariso's picture

Dammit. Just recorded a Podcast episode where I mentioned that I'm looking to sell my entire Nikon and Sony kit and going 100% canon for both photo and video. I'm fine with dumping Sony however Nikon not so much.

Deleted Account's picture

Not a lot of people moving to Canon. Can you give me the highlights of your reasoning or do I have to watch the podcast?

Adam Peariso's picture

You can catch episode #13 of Lens Whackers, it's an Audio Podcast. What I spoke about was because I shoot photo projects and video project pretty evenly it made sense to get Canon for both because Nikon doesn't have any real video solution. This way I have one set of lenses for both types of cameras.

I've grown tired of the Sony look (skin tones) and prefer the Canon look, especially after working with C200 footage. For photography I'm not a fan of the Sony alpha line because I find those cameras too small and delicate from what I'm used to with my Nikon cameras. Also, much prefer an SLR viewfinder over an EVF any day.

Those are a couple reasons and I'm still in the deciding phase. Won't make any big moves until after NAB. Taking my time.

Deleted Account's picture

Excellent reasons! Thanks for sharing.

Don Risi's picture

I don't shoot video myself, but I understand the video options on the D850 are amazing.

Adam Peariso's picture

For an SLR sure. For dedicated video production cameras not-so-much.

Jim Bolen's picture

Great tips! A few I didn't know about, but I do now and will use them every day.