Solar Powered Digital Camera

Solar Powered Digital Camera

The "Sun & Cloud" from Superheadz Japan, looks to be the the world's first solar powered digital camera.

This digital camera boasts the ability to shoot stills (3 megapixel) and video (640 x 480) within a 6x6x8 inch box.

If you happen to run out of juice and don't have access to the sun, flip out the handle and start winding the camera by hand. The unit can also be charged via USB 3.0.

From what I could read, the camera takes about 12 hours for a full charge by the sun. Not the most effective way of recharging the batteries but the energy cost would be zero.

Some of the specs from the Sun & Cloud include:

  • 3 million pixels
  • ISO sensitivity: ISO100 to ISO800
  • Built in LED flash
  • Normal, Portrait and Macro focusing
  • Micro SD & Micro SDHC card
  • 15 built in fliters


At $199 from AC Gears, would you pick up one of these and throw it in your camera bag?

You can read more on the camera at

suncloud_001 suncloud_002 suncloud_003 suncloud_004 suncloud_005 suncloud_006 suncloud_007




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um, no.

not sure if real and stupid, or april fools...

This is real, bad timing on my part running this post on April 1st.

sounds like a wind up ;)

This is ___________ <----- fill in the blank.


People seem to miss the point that not everything needs to be the "best". I'd keep it on me with vacations or hikes in mind, had I run out of batteries in my other devices, this would be suitable.

why god why... and it takes money to create such prototypes 8-I

Why did they not straighten the horizon line in the beach sample image? I do not think it's for artistic reasons..... makes you wonder about the care and detail of the actual product.

think they mean 6x6x8 cms...not inches.

If that's 6x6x8" how big are those models' hands?!

I notice a lack of confidence in sunlight.

what is the configuration of this camera like mega pixel, screen resoultion

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