Some of the Good and Bad of Each Camera Brand

Photographers and filmmakers have more choices in camera brands than ever before, with standards like Canon and Nikon to more niche options like Pentax. So, which is right for you? This excellent video opinion essay discusses the good and bad of 10 different brands to give a bit of insight into what each manufacturer is doing right and how they might fit your wants and needs. 

Coming to you from Peter Forsgård, this interesting video essay discusses the pros and cons of pretty much every modern camera brand, including Canon, Fuji, Nikon, OM System, Panasonic, Pentax and Ricoh, Sony, Leica, and Hasselblad. I have to admit that it was not until I saw all the brands listed (and remembered that there are still more) that I truly realized just how many options we have nowadays. It is really great that there is an option for just about every set of needs and budget. I am also quite glad to see some of the more niche brands (such as Pentax) continuing to stick around. I have always been quite fond of the more unique and quirky options out there, and they tend to keep pressure on the bigger manufacturers to continue to innovate. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Forsgård.

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I wish a better summary came with videos. I won't look at them unless the "lead" is more interesting than this one. A bullet-list of the various cameras highs/lows would have been enticing.

I took the bullet and watched the video. It's not really a pros and cons but more self opinion.

Why make a video saying "x company has interesting cameras" and not explaining what makes them interesting.

Also fun game: take a drink every time he says old fashioned.