Sony FX3 Gets Major Version 3.00 Firmware Update

Sony's latest firmware update for the FX3 has some major improvements for shooters making the body truly one of the most desirable video-centric cameras on the market. Here is a breakdown of what has been added and how to get your hands on it.

I remember a time when a firmware update for your camera bordered on the pointless for most shooters. I'd go years without updating the firmware and usually wouldn't consider it unless something went wrong. However, as cameras have become technologically more advanced, the software in the body has become far more powerful. As a result, more can be done with firmware updates and the potential is there to unlock powerful features.

In this video, Armando Ferreira goes through the Sony FX3 Version 3.00 firmware update that offers a number of powerful tweaks. One new feature that I find particularly attractive is the automatic anamorphic de-squeeze. When shooting on anamorphic lenses, the image is heavily warped and needs to be corrected in post to reveal its deliciousness. This can make shooting tricky if you don't see the final image format on the back of the camera. This change means that it is de-squeezed in-body and you can see what your footage will look like.

Do you own a Sony FX3? What are your thoughts on it? Is it the best entry-level cinema camera on the market?1

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