Sony Teases New Alpha Camera Announcement Next Week

The full frame mirrorless camera world has been majorly heating up in the last year or so, with Canon in particular challenging Sony's place at the top of the technological development race with the EOS R5. Now, Sony is preparing to strike back, teasing a new Alpha camera that will be announced next week.

Sony posted the teaser on multiple social media channels, which contains little information besides a blurred background indicating motion and a cryptic tagline that reads: "the one never seen." Though there is little concrete information on what we can expect, most people are expecting the a9 III. Though the a9 II was announced in late 2019, it was very much an iterative release, meaning the flagship camera hasn't seen a major upgrade since its initial release almost four years ago. The teaser's seeming focus on speed and motion could point toward such a camera as well, though the a7 III is certainly ready for an update as well. Rumored specs of the new camera include a 50-megapixel sensor and 8K video, which would point toward it being an a9-level camera. In between this and the upcoming Fuji announcement, next week will be a lot of fun for gear enthusiasts! 

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