State of the Union for Mirrorless Cameras: FroKnowsPhoto Addresses the Community

Canon, Nikon, and Sony are all now seriously committed to the mirrorless camera market, so what does that really mean? As each manufacturer pursues a slightly different path in the mirrorless market, and Sony having several years head start compared to Canon and Nikon, where will each system be in one to two years? Just importantly where does each manufacturer stand today?

Jared Polin of FroKnowPhoto is out with a State of the Union video that discusses each manufacturer’s mirrorless camera lineup. He not only takes a look at each manufacturers mirrorless camera lineup but also addresses their current and future lens lineup for their mirrorless systems. This video isn’t intended to be a technical review or comparison of the three manufacturers’ cameras or which system is the best. He does address what he thinks they have gotten right so far and what they need to do in the future. Polin also provides a good overview of where each manufacturer currently stands with available gear and what their approach may be over the next year or two with new equipment. 

If you are looking to purchase your first mirrorless camera or perhaps you’re looking to add a mirrorless to your DSLR collection, Polin’s views might help you to decide if now is the time to purchase a mirrorless, and if so which system might be better for you. After recently testing the Nikon Z6, look for an upcoming article, I found Polin’s comments about mirrorless to be somewhat accurate when he addresses the Nikon mirrors system.

There is no doubt that mirrorless is here to stay, but what will the near future hold for each system? Will Nikon, Canon, and Sony all remain as the big boys in the field or will one of them fade to become a smaller manufacturer like Olympus or Pentax?

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David Love's picture

Sony being a few years ahead just did all the ground work for the others to copy and catch right up. Apple has been doing that for years and they convinced everyone they invented everything first.

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It really doesn't matter if Sony lost the race and dropped out of the game, they make the sensors for all the other players except for the FF and APS-C Canons.

Christian Durand's picture

I was not aware that the story was about Apple .....

Ziggy Stardust's picture

Sony has been committed for some years and Olympus and Panasonic for a decade.

Douglas Turney's picture

Yeah, but the difference is Sony is actually setting the market where Olympus and Panasonic haven't really done anything.

Ziggy Stardust's picture

God preserve us from ignorance.

Whenever I see Fro, it’s like “what is he selling now?” Truly the used car salesman of the camera world.

Sean Sauer's picture

I never thought of him that way but now I won't be able to look at him without thinking it now. LOL!

John Skinner's picture

This guy is just too...... (loss for words) to watch anymore.

If your going to drop 3K for bodies, and added costs for a new glass system. It had better be spot on with ZERO to work out. These systems are in the embryo stages and being shown for having the weaknesses we know they'll have. Add to that the firmware updates ( which tells you your 3-4K investment is a guinea pig offering) people are insane to spend this money now. 3 or 4 years, yea, lets revisit the whole offering pile.

You don't NEED what's thrown at you every 6 months by clowns trying to support the share prices.

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"If your going to drop 3K for bodies, and added costs for a new glass system. It had better be spot on with ZERO to work out."

Was that the case for the first AF SLR's or the first DSLR's? All newer technology starts off expensive with limited capability and eventually becomes cheaper and better.

" Add to that the firmware updates ( which tells you your 3-4K investment is a guinea pig offering)"

Firmware updates, like software patches, are a standard thing in the modern world. It's a BENEFIT to be able to get updates because it's a far cry from the old days where you were stuck with whatever came out of the factory.

"You don't NEED what's thrown at you every 6 months by clowns trying to support the share prices."

No, you don't, but you should be happy for people buying that new stuff every 6 months to support those share prices because they're the ones actually keeping these companies in business.

JetCity Ninja's picture

your hindsight is wearing rose-tinted spectacles.

sorry, but nothing processor controlled has come out of the factory "perfect" with all of the bugs worked out. thousands of consumers will find any weaknesses in a product but at least you aren't simply stuck with having to work around those issues like you'd have to in the past. before windows 98 there was windows 95. maybe you don't recall the horror that was win95 and the miracle win98 was. before windows 3.1 was windows 3.0 and so on and so on.

in simpler terms, "dogfooding," or making employees use what the designers have created to work out bugs, isn't a perfect solution as the in-house testers are using something they're already familiar with. give that item to someone unfamiliar and they'll find the weaknesses through sheer ignorance.

also consider that there are a lot of people out there who find satisfaction in being a "consumer beta tester." they enjoy knowing they're contributing to the constant evolution of a product, from first sale to end of life, or when they find something new to try out. no one is being forced to pre-order.

but you're right about him being a shill.

Allready now there is a offering for a Sony FF Emount 0.95 50 manual focus lens. The bigger mount is probably most helpful for marketing, creating doubt about the Sony mount.
The Canon 28-70 f2 are 1.5 kg and cost more then 3000 usd.
I like Nikon Z6 and I am thinking of buying one. But I checked it out in the shop and was so surprised to find it rather small. And, the camera was less comfortable in my hand then the Sony A7. Sorry Fro, but this video clip was a bunch of rubbish.
Truth is, Sony have both the camera and the lenses, the mount is fine.
Nikon and Canon shooters have a mirrorless offering that is cost effective and can supplement, that is great news. But a big hole in the camera does not change anything, and they are not on the same level as Sony. That’s just the reality of the matter.