The Tamron 28-200mm Lens Is an Excellent Choice for Landscape Photography

Over the years, I have wanted an all-in-one super zoom lens, which I could use on an entire outing without having to change lenses. This might just be the one.

In my recent video, I review the Tamron 28-200mm f/2.8-5.6 DI III RXD for landscape photography. I have used it for a couple of months, and I have gotten a good feeling for what it can do what limitations come with it. When the lens was released to generally positive reviews, it fast got my attention due to its versatility. I have wanted such a lens for a long time, where I can both photograph wide and fast zoom in if needed without having to change the lens. Although not wildlife photography, you do have to make fast decisions in landscape photography sometimes too. I can already now say it is an excellent lens, but it does come with some cons when you essentially cram a 24-105 mm lens and a 70-200 mm lens into one lightweight lens. Some of these cons are that it does not come with image stabilization, it does not have an AF/MF button, and it does suffer from a good amount of fringing in the corners and edges when you photograph at the wide end. Luckily, there are many ways to get around these issues, and in the video, I will show you how. I also make some real-world comparisons to my Sony 24-105 mm f/4 and Sony 70-200mm f/4, and I was rather surprised how well the Tamron 28-200 mm holds up against these two great lenses. Besides that, I cover vignetting, bokeh, and I reveal that many of my favorite photos of 2021 have in fact been photographed with the 28-200 mm.

Check out the video above and let me know your thoughts. Is this a lens you would like to own? Do you already own it, and if so, what are your impressions of it?

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Danish Fine Art Landscape Photographer and YouTuber. He is taking photos all over the world but the main focus is the cold, rough, northern part of Europe. His style is somewhere in between dramatic and colorful fantasy and Scandinavian minimalism. Be sure to check out his YouTube channel for epic landscape photography videos from around the world.

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Nice side by side review. Few people take so much care and effort showing detail crops at varying apertures while in the wild. I just wish you were a Fujinon shooter ;-)

If they bothered to give me a camera and lenses I wouldn't mind :P

I just finished my compare of the 28-200 against the 28-75 G2 in outdoor conditions and I can attest that except at 28mm f2.8, the 28-200 won the challenge. Wow! It is a fantastic lens. So unless you really need f2.8 all the way (which as a landscape fan I do not need) the 28-200 is my always on lens forward.