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My Golden Rule of Forest Photography (Not Fog)

Forest photography can be a complex endeavor. There are many factors to take into consideration to increase the aesthetic value of your photo. There is one thing I keep having to remind myself, which applies to all the scenes I have photographed so far.

How To Get That ‘Wide-Angle Look’ in Landscape Photographs

The wide-angle zoom lens is known as the “go-to” lens for landscape photography. It certainly has its benefits and in this article, I will explain how to compose for that distinctive dramatic look that a wide-angle lens can create.

7 Steps for Creating Powerful 70-200mm Telephoto Images

There is no doubt that the telephoto lenses are just as attractive for landscape photography as the wide-angles. In this article, I will give you seven steps to help you make powerful landscape photos with a 70-200mm telephoto lens.

How to Make a Moody Fine Art Long Exposure Photograph

When it is all but gray outside, when the leaves have fallen, the temperature is nothing to write home about, and most people would stay inside, it is time to bring out the camera.

Five Steps to Incredible Minimalist Photography

Minimalism is a fascinating genre of photography and one, which can deliver some incredible and powerful photos. This is the genre where “less is more” really shines. Here I share five steps you can take to create incredible minimalist photos.

You Need More Than Perfect Conditions for Successful Forest Photography

Because of the pandemic forest photography is more popular than ever. Forest photography is also one of the really hard genres of nature photography to be successful at. Fog and good conditions are usually necessary for success, but they are just not enough.

How to Master Your 24-105mm Zoom Lens for Landscape Photography

This lens is an essential part of my photography kit and one, which I would not go out into nature without. In this article, I want to show how you can master and get the most out of your 24-105mm zoom lens and hopefully inspire you to use it more in your landscape photography.

Seven Steps to Master Forest Photography

Forest photography can seem overwhelming, chaotic, and hard, but if you follow these seven steps, you ought to improve a significant amount.