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Mads Peter Iversen
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Articles written by Mads Peter Iversen

7 Simple Tips to Create a Strong Depth in Your Photos

If there is one thing that makes a landscape photo “come alive,” it is adding depth to it. Adding depth either invites the viewer into the photo or can make the photo feel like looking through a window.

5 Tips to Master Your Wide-Angle Landscape Photography

The wide-angle lens is very well known to be “the” landscape photography lens. That being said, it can be a little hard to figure out how to use it in the beginning. Here are five tips.

A Simple Way to Photograph Comet NEOWISE

If you have not realized it yet, Comet NEOWISE is on the night sky. This is a big event for astrophotographers and photography enthusiasts alike.

Is the Sony a7R III Still Worth It in 2020?

When Sony released the full-frame mirrorless a7R III in 2017, it was to generally positive reviews. Three years later, a newer version has been released, but the question is if this camera still holds up?

Can You Use a Wide Angle Lens to Create Minimalist Landscape Photography?

When you think of landscape photography, you often associate it with wide angle lenses. However, when you think of minimal and simple landscape photography, you often associate it with telephoto lenses. Can a wide angle lens be used to create minimalist landscape photos?

5 Simple Tips to Instantly Improve Your Landscape Photography

I live and breathe landscape photography and there are so many great tips you can test and try out yourself. Here are five tips I benefit a lot from in my work that you can implement to improve your landscape photography right now.