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Articles written by Mads Peter Iversen

Five Reasons Why a 24-105mm Zoom Is a Must-Have Lens

The 24-105mm lens is rarely the one you think about first when the subject is landscape photography. However, this lens is one of my most used lenses and has been for several years.

Do You Have to Pay to Photograph in the Faroe Islands?

The combination of vastly increased living standards for many people around the globe, individualism and social media has created a boom in tourism never seen in the history of humanity. Towns, areas and countries such as Venice, Dubrovnik, The Isle of Skye, US national parks, Iceland, The Netherlands and The Faroe Islands are feeling it (and that is just to name a few). The Faroe Islands seem to do something different.

Stop Saying 'Iceland Is Over-Photographed'

The most ridiculous claim I have ever heard about not going to Iceland was “it is over-photographed and it is not possible to get an original photo”. Challenge accepted. I got four in one day.

A Landscape Photographer's Point of View

Have you wondered how it looks when a landscape photographer gets up early in the morning and hikes to the top of a mountain to photograph a sunrise?

Gran Canaria Was so Much Better for Landscape Photography Than I Expected

Gran Canaria is known for parties, booze, and family resort vacations, but this island in the Canary Islands archipelago has some amazing nature worth visiting for any landscape and travel photographer. Not to mention, it is easier to combine this with a family vacation than Iceland, The Faroes, or Norway is.

How to Use a Polarizing Filter

The polarizing filter is an essential part of the landscape photographer’s tool kit. It can make a huge difference to the final photo. However, there are a few things to be aware of.

Do Not Be Lazy in Landscape Photography

Predicting the weather is next to impossible, but you can optimize your chances of a successful shoot quite a lot. Do not be lazy about that optimization. I was lazy and it lead to one of my biggest fails in my career as a landscape photographer.

Six Tips Photographing With a Wide-Angle Zoom

Landscape photography and wide-angle zoom lenses often go hand in hand. If you have ever used one of these lenses, you know there is a bit of the learning curve.

Five Steps to Make Powerful Wide-Angle Photos

There is no doubt that the wide-angle zoom lens is the most popular for landscape photography and is my go-to lens in most of my work. It is however, not necessarily the easiest lens to use as it takes in a lot of the landscape.

My Lens Hood Saved My $4500 Camera Setup

An argument for using either a UV filter or lens hood is for protecting the lens and especially the front element. Last winter, I experienced just how important a lens hood is.