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Five Steps to Master Your 70-200mm Telephoto Lens

When you talk about landscape photography, chances are, you associate it with wide angle lenses. Telephoto lenses are probably the least used in landscape photography, but they do have some fantastic qualities to them.

Do You Really Understand Exposure?

To expose a photo correctly is one of the most basic things to learn in photography. It can, however, be hard for even advanced photographers.

You May Be a Photographer, but Are You an Artist?

I personally want to learn. I want to learn how other creatives think and I want to draw upon their experience. I loved this video and you can pull so much out of it despite the photographs being kinda ugly. Everyone taking photos are photographers but are they artists? That is a whole other question. Here are seven thoughts to help you become an artist.

Is Your Work Original, Can It Be, and Does It Even Have to Be?

Many creators hold originality to be one of the biggest values in their art, whether it is music, painting, photography or any other subject. Concerning photography, what is even original when billions of photos are taken and uploaded each day?

ISO Is Totally Fake

ISO is known as one of the exposure factors. The higher the ISO the more brightness. Camera manufacturers are even boasting about how high their ISO is going when they want to sell you a camera.

Tips on Winter Photography

Photographing during winter can give many different conditions. Some wet and foggy, some snowy and some even stormy and snowy. Here are some tips on photographing them.

Careful of Fake Chinese SD Cards!

Even though digital storage is as cheap, we all want to save money wherever we can. What is actually the difference between those super cheap SD cards you see in various internet ads and the expensive ones?

A Quick Tip About Learning From Disappointment

We have all experienced it: loading our photos into Lightroom just to realize they are very disappointing. Instead of trashing them, go through the photos, analyze them, and see why they do not work.