Why Do You Do Landscape Photography?

Why are we doing landscape photography? There can be many reasons.

In this hauntingly beautiful new video coming from Nick Page, he explains why he loves landscape photography. One of the reasons he highlights is how the focus is always on the positives. It is about why he enjoys a certain location or why he loves a specific scene. By spending time focusing on the positive, happiness and optimism follows along. He is focusing on what he likes rather than what he do not.

This is something I can relate to quite a lot. Being happy despite the “bad” weather pushes me towards the feeling of miserable is such a powerful effect of creativity. I am in that “zone of flow” where I am being challenged but not so much that I give up. As Page points out, it becomes therapeutic. Almost like meditation.

Check out the beautiful video above from Page and let me hear why you love landscape photography. I do not think there is only one simple answer, so do not hesitate to write a long comment. I am very interested to hear about it, as it might also point out aspects of why I do and love landscape photography, which I have not thought about.

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imagecolorado's picture

Because I live in Colorado.

CRAIG KING's picture

See above, just replace CO with CA

JetCity Ninja's picture

to avoid people.

Hans Gunnar Aslaksen's picture

A beautiful video from Nick 👌🏻

graemegauge's picture

Because I figured how to make a living from hiking, taking pictures and avoiding civilization for most of the week, all at once.

Duane Klipping's picture

Nick got inside my mind on this one as he gave the best reasons possible to do landscape phorography. When you finally move past the fame and fortune reasons you free your creativity and begin producing work you can be proud of. Great short video.

YL Photographie's picture

So nice video thanks Mads for sharing. it perfectly describes my attraction for landscape photography as well as my feeling when I find myself in nature, in the company of magnificent landscapes

yassen kounchev's picture

Great job, this video exactly match my thoughts. It is all about love. Love of photography and the way you feel when trying to express the visions in your head with your camera...