Spring Photography Is Hard: Here Are Seven Tips

Spring is one of the harder seasons to pull off landscape and nature photography. There is ways to get around it and here is some inspiration.

In his recent video, Nigel Danson shares some simple and inspirational tips for doing some landscape and nature photography during spring. One aspect is to take advantage of what the nature offers during spring. New growth, lush greens, wildflowers etc. are all elements of interest. Danson answers how you incorporate these elements into a story with various focal lengths.

My favorite tip is probably how to use back lighting to emphasizing the greens of the leaves on the trees. I use back lighting in much of my own photography and I completely agree with Danson this effect creates some dramatic and interesting photos. You can also find a tree and place it between yourself and the sun. Shooting that in the early morning mist can create a strong atmospheric photo with lots of details in the light.

If you so desire, you can also zoom into the dew on the morning grass using an open aperture with a long lens. It can look absolutely magical with the glitter and the out of focus bokeh balls.

Check out Danson's video above, and let me hear if you have more tips to share about nature photography during spring.

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Rod Kestel's picture

Ummm, it's autumn. Good tips anyway.

Also, he's making me nervous waving that expensive camera & lens over the stream without a strap...Sploosh!

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This is probably meant for the northern hemisphere of the planet. We are fast approaching spring! I'm super jealous you guys are getting fall right now. It's my favorite season! If we could have fall for at least 5 months out of the year I would be one happy panda lol.

Rod Kestel's picture

Tis a beautiful time for sure, those autumn colours. I have to remind myself you call it 'fall'. Enjoy!

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Philipp Pley's picture

An Australian thinking the world revolves around them. How American of you! haha