New Instagram Account That's Shaming The Folks Who Treat Public Lands Like Crap

New Instagram Account That's Shaming The Folks Who Treat Public Lands Like Crap

How many of you have ever been to a national park or hiking trail only to find people disregarding the rules and trails all in pursuit of an ever better selfie or photo for Instagram? Then check out this Instagram account that's getting traction right now for calling out those very people and their bad behavior.

The account simple titled PublicLandsHateYou is calling out the people, influencers, and subsequent brands behind them that are in the news lately for trashing, trampling, and just not giving a crap while visiting California's recent poppy “super bloom”. As you can see in some of these images, droves of people walk right past guard rails, barriers, and right off the path like it's nothing. As long as they can get a sweet shot for Instagram, who cares if the flowers underfoot get trampled, right? Well as it turns out, the brands behind some of these influencers might care to know what their spokespeople are up to.

For those who don't know, an influencer is a popular person that a brand pays to tell you to buy things. They are the walking, talking commercials of Instagram and it ranges from small start-up brands to the largest mulch-million dollar household name brands. This IG account is putting those folks on blast when they get caught disregarding the rules of the park for the sake of a photo that's probably going to tell you to buy a phone case, protein powder, tea, or something similar.

Check out the account and their website to see what's up. How do you feel when (if) you see this kind of behavior in real time? My two cents, as long as this is done from a position of respect (don't harass people or be cruel as that never yields the intended results) calling this kind of thing out seems like an appropriate way to go. If enough people start calling this kind of behavior out, the people in the images have actually have to address their own behavior.

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JetCity Ninja's picture

nobody likes a tattle-tale.

but nobody likes a narcissistic twat who thinks they're above the law and has no sense of humility, either.

so it's a toss up.

Guy Incognito's picture

People who don't like tattle-tales are usually people doing the wrong thing.

Shame and shaming people has gotten a bit of a bad rap in recent years but I think it is a completely legitimate tool to discourage anti-social behaviour.

Jonathan Brady's picture

I'm not okay with shaming. However, public stoning is totally fine.

Guy Incognito's picture

The only shame in a public stoning is if you miss...

Felix C's picture

Add Muse Chan to the list. He trashed the moss fields of Iceland for one of his shoots. It will take 200 years to repair the damage.

Mr Blah's picture

source? I googled "Muse Chan Ireland" and 0 outrage came up so I'm confused...

Robert Nurse's picture

I'm not finding anything either.

Daniel Sandvik's picture

Well you googled "Ireland" and not "Iceland", so there's that.

Jordan McChesney's picture

Being a foreigner living abroad, I’m always extra conscious about breaking rules or even just obstructing people. I’ve missed more shots than I can count because I didn’t want to cross a line or risk getting in someone’s way. Sometimes I over think it a little, but I’d rather be safe than sorry, regardless of how much I beat myself up about it later.
So long as I never end up featured on a page like this, I know I’m doing something right.

Studio 403's picture

So, its forbidden to forbidden, these nasty poppy police, generation earth patrol, self proclaimed vigilante poppy voyeurs. Bring the squirt guns and rid the planet of the poppy killers! My rant for the day

Alex Reiff's picture

In my neighborhood Facebook group, people regularly post photos of people leaving trash and dog poop in the street and on private property. Even in such a localized environment where someone is likely to be recognized, I don't know that it's actually been effective.

michael butler's picture

Can we add the morons who like to balance rocks on top of other rocks and believe they are sculpting natural art? Or their close cousins who like going to a secluded beach and dragging driftwood around to create dragons or other mythical creatures of their limited imaginations. However, I must say that knocking over a pile of balanced rocks or pushing driftwood out to sea is quite therapeutic.

Patrick Smith's picture

The throngs of people who also broke every traffic law in the book while trying to see the "Super Bloom" of poppy's here in Riverside county also led to the death of a California Highway Patrolman. After weeks of accidents and people walking on the 15 Freeway in Lake Elsinore, CA the CHP deployed Officer's on Special Assignment to enforce traffic laws in the area of the poppy's. This led to a CHP SGT. losing his life, and granted it was a murder due to a repeat DUI offender, but had people behaved that officer would not have been there that day.

David Leøng's picture

"largest mulch-million dollar household name brands"

I'll be sure to get in touch with those companies when I feel like advertising mulch in bulk.

steve fischer's picture

Now it's time for an account that shames IG accounts that use bots, follow/unfollow, paid likes and followers.