Seven Easy Tips I Wish I Knew When I Started Landscape Photography

I have done photography for seven years and full time for the past three years. In that three-year period, I have mainly focused on landscape photography. I have learned a ton about photography in that period.

In my latest video, I share seven easy tips you can implement or think about when you do landscape photography. The first tip I wish I knew when I started out in landscape photography is; photography is generally about problem solving. You are in a certain environment where you have a certain goal. This environment delivers different obstacles for you to reach your goal. Some environments forces you to give up on the “optimal settings”, so what do you do to get the shot?

Another tip is to not use composition as a framework. When I started out in photography, I got the impression the rule of thirds automatically gives you a strong composition. The problem is that I does not. The same goes for the golden ratio or any other “frame”. This is not how composition work. Imagine how alike photos, paintings, sculptures etc. would be if they all were forced into a certain framework?

Check out the video above, where I share more tips and give examples for the above two tips. Do you have any tips you wish you knew when you started out in photography? Feel free to share down below.

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Aritz Atela's picture

Very helpful tips indeed. Now with more experience, I would add that no matter the weather conditions you have, the important thing is to go out and shoot. Better to have something on SD, than nothing. Cameras inside the bag dont make photos. ;)

Mads Peter Iversen's picture

Thanks a lot, Aritz! I completely agree. When you have the skills, go use them :)

Kai Hornung's picture

Good advice, Mads. These tips come very helpful when you look for orientation. Progress comes in steps and I believe there are no shortcuts. And learning actually never stops. Once you get to understand that this is part of the fun you take another step.

Mads Peter Iversen's picture

You're completely right, Kai. Practice makes "perfect" ;)

Keith Meinhold's picture

Thank you for the informative video. I look forward to seeing more on your channel.

Mads Peter Iversen's picture

You're very welcome, Keith. More will come! :)

Deleted Account's picture

Some of your images are really "powerfully" beautiful!

Mads Peter Iversen's picture

Thanks a lot, that's what I aim for often :)