Tamron Announces New Lenses for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras

Tamron Announces New Lenses for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras

Today Tamron released details about two new lenses coming soon: a telephoto zoom for Nikon and Canon DSLRs, and a standard zoom for Sony mirrorless cameras.

70-210mm f/4 Di VC USD

As you may probably be picturing in your head, this telephoto zoom being an f/4 lens is made to be lightweight and compact in comparison to the f/2.8 telephotos out there. For many, this one stop of light loss over the faster telephoto zooms is well worth it for those reasons — especially with the solid high ISO performance in cameras these day. This lens weighs in at 1.89 pounds and measures 2.99 inches by 6.90 inches.

Key features of the new telephoto zoom include its internal zoom design, highest-in-class maximum magnification ratio of 1:3.1, USD autofocus motor with full-time manual focus override, vibration compensation of up to four stops, and moisture-resistant construction.

The 70-210mm f/4 Di VC USD is priced at $799 and available now to preorder in either Nikon or Canon mounts.

28-75mm f/2.8 Di III RXD

In what Tamron is calling a “signal” to expand and improve its full-frame mirrorless lens line, they’ve announced the development of the 28-75mm f/2.8 for Sony.

This standard zoom lens will be 1.2 pounds fitted into a casing that’s 4.6 inches long. Tamron said it features moisture-resistant construction as well as a Flourine coating, both welcome in outdoor shooting.

The upcoming lens will have a new “RXD” (rapid extra-silent stepping drive) stepping motor for autofocus, which is claimed to be extremely quiet and perfect for video use.

Minimum focusing distance is also a point of pride for Tamron with the 28-75mm. It can focus to 7.5 inches at its wide end and 15.3 inches at the telephoto side.

Pricing has not yet been announced. B&H Photo is allowing people to sign up to be notified when it becomes available.

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Glad to see third party native lenses for Sony. Come on Art lenses

Still no love for Fuji... :(

I find that fascinating. It has to be a financial decision, but I'd love to know why many fewer manufacturers support Fuji mounts compared to Sony. Especially as Sony has a reputation of changing their minds and dropping support of their mounts, which is a risk for third party manufacturers who need to invest heavily to support any mount. Whereas Fuji has a much better reputation of corporate reliability, and so I would have thought that third party manufacturers may have higher confidence in Fuji, that investing in providing Fuji mounts is more likely to pay off for a longer time period.

Nikkors and canon lenses in the non highend segment are crap, while fujinons are stellar even from the XC line. What’s the point to have Sigma, Tamron and others, when you have great fujinons?!?

Fuji lenses are absolutely fantastic but sometimes you feel the need to have more choices. And then end up buying Fuji :)

More options and/or lower prices. Fuji's lens lineup is not known as being exhaustive or especially cheap.

In Tamron’s case, presumably there has been a plan to support Sony for a while since Sony own a portion (approx 12%) of the company.

Lenses for Sony E mount cameras have a much higher market (larger sales) compared with Fuji which supports the idea that making Sony lenses (rather than Fuji) is a commercial decision for Tamron.

As for Sony dropping support for lenses... afaik Sony have ha two lens mounts, the A mount for dSLR cameras and the E mount for Mirrorless, each having a subset of APS-C lenses. Have I missed something with a Sony mount?

Oh that's interesting that sony part own tamron. I imagine you're right that this is related.

It was to the way Sony seem to have little interest in the A mount system that i was mainly referring to when it comes to dropping support. They seem to weakly fly the A mount flag very occasionally, but they seem to have largely dropped it in favour of their mirrorless system.

Not sure if this is gospel truth. But I was told by another photog that Fuji has a license fee arrangement for companies to build for their mount. Which is supposed to explain why only Zeiss has AF lenses for X mount. And why no Sigma, Tokina or Tamron. Doesn't quite explain Samyang/Rokinon/Bower making affordable manual lenses for X mount. Or the dirt cheap Kamlan, 7 Artisans and Mitakon Zhongyi.

I remember when Tamron and Sigma looks cheap and fragile...
Now they look more premium than the OEM lenses.

I was just saying that the other day. I've yet to get over my Sigma stigma.

I'm guessing we're only getting 75mm and 210mm at infinity, right?

If this let's us get sharper image, more quiet motors, more reliable/sturdier designs, lower prices, anything....I hope it's the way that at least the third party manufacturers go. There is no reason to be married to exact focal ranges.

Woo.. good to know if my beloved Nikon 70-210/F4 ever gives up the ghost there is a replacement to consider. *Knocksonwood

Internal zoom, Yes please! Also Tamaron has the best VC in the game. Sold.

Does the 28-75mm have internal ZOOM?!

I've been dying for a 24-70mm (ish) lens for years.... something about that zoom range must make int. zoom hard to pull off.