Tether Tools Introduces the ONsite Power Solutions

Tether Tools is well known for making tools that make photographer’s life more comfortable and better. You’ve probably seen their orange USB cables at least once in your life. Today, they’re introducing a new range of power solutions, ONsite Power.

When working on location, one problem always comes up: power. You always need to bring multiple batteries, charge your laptop beforehand to shoot tethered, make sure all your accessories are fully charged to last through the shoot. With ONsite power, you’ll finally get a bit of peace of mind.

The system is made of three main accessories. First comes the ONSite D-Tap to AC Power supply, which offers two AC outlets and four USB ports to charge any of your device, including your camera batteries or your laptop.

To power it up, you’ll require a D-Tap battery, which leads us to the ONsite D-Tape battery with V-Mount. The battery comes with one USB and one D-Trap port so you can even recharge your phone on the go without the need for the AC Power Supply accessory.

Last but not least, the ONsite AC Power Supply Car Adapter will let you plug your ONsite D-Tap to AC Power Supply to any automobile DC 12V lighter socket so you can work on your computer in the car or get more power once your D-Tap battery is empty.

The ONsite system was designed to be travel-friendly and versatile. So it’s no surprise to learn the D-Tap to AC Power Supply conforms to TSA rules and thus it can come with you no matter where you go. In a matter of being as practical as possible, the system is also compatible with the Tether Table Aero Laptop mounting system thanks to the new ONsite Aero V-mount.

The ONsite Power Solutions will be presented at Photokina from September 26th to 29th and available worldwide, as either a U.S. 110V or Universal 220V version, through Tether Tools authorized resellers or directly on Tether Tools website in November.

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Damn that's awesome and SUPER affordable

Same question I asked on YouTube:
Pure sine wave or modified?
Most modern electronics will be fine with a modified wave, but some electronics like motors in a slider can have issues.

Max Output Power: 200W
Be aware that only few Dtap batteries can accept such high output without suffer severe damage.
(even the one they are selling is rated 150W)

Check Dynacore batteries for higher output version