Three Reasons the New Canon 1D X Mark III Might Not Be so Great

Canon recently announced a new edition of the flagship 1D  Mark III is on its way. While that got many people excited about what might be in the offing, there are some things that could also be rather underwhelming. 

It's been nearly four years since the Canon 1D X Mark II was released, and the Canon 1DX Mark III promises to be one heck of a camera. Out in time for next year's 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, I'm sure it has sports photographers in particular absolutely giddy with excitement at what might be on the horizon. Canon has already assured us that its autofocus will be faster and better, and the 16 fps shooting speed (20 fps in Live View) will be a welcome upgrade over its predecessor. There is certainly a lot to look forward to, but there are some things that might also make you suck some air in through your teeth as you contemplate whether this is actually a camera you want. 

In this video from SLR Lounge, three specific things to carefully cogitate upon are brought up that are particularly salient as we sit at the crossroads of this DSLR/mirrorless transition. The point that got me thinking the most related to the fact that no matter how good the new 1D X Mark III may be, it's still a DSLR that uses Canon's EF mount. What that means, of course, is that it doesn't use Canon's new RF lenses, which are available for Canon's new mirrorless bodies. Now, whether you're a fan of the new Canon mirrorless bodies or not, there are very few people who haven't been mightily impressed by the RF lens lineup. However, as the new Canon 1D X Mark III is a DSLR, it can't make use of these outstanding lenses. That's a big thing to think about when it comes to investing such a large chunk of cash and is what halted my enthusiasm in its tracks somewhat. You might feel differently regarding the other points raised.

Give the video a look and let me know your thoughts below. 

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David Pavlich's picture

What would make this a really terrific camera for me is if they get the pixel count up around 30mp, sorta' like the 5DIV, but with better performance. I used to shoot with a MkIII and now shoot with the MkIV and even though the pixel count increase wasn't huge, combined with the better sensor, cropping is a lot more forgiving. I wish I could fill the frame with every bird or deer that I shoot, but they just don't cooperate. :-)

Tony Clark's picture

I do agree with a lot of your points, I replaced my 1Dx and 1Ds3 with two 5DIV’s in October last year because of weight and a bit of an upgrade. The R was just announced but even today it’s not a pro system. The lens lineup still isn’t impressive and not available considering my usual projects. My most used EF lens is the 100 Macro and I haven’t seen one yet. Perhaps by the time my current bodies need updating along with my L’s, I may transition to R’s. And what about those R lens prices? Canon must be trying to recoup R&D costs in record time.

Benoit Pigeon's picture

This thing makes no point. I take it as a rant or yet another click bait, which to me make all these regular self made king of the clips and microphone more boring each time a little more. let people decide, most of us will move to mirror less when it's available. No one is losing clientele over this.

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Marc CORBI's picture

I use the R for one year just because of the 50L1.2 on RF mount .. but for sure, my 1Dx is far ahead on many points (Sport of course) but OVF is 100% more fluent and garanty with no lags or jerky during continuous shooting, in action mode(not necessary sport mode),
The AF is far ahead too to follow complicated subjects movements (using many focus point to assist the main focus pint), while the R is the most accurate in "cool mode" @F1.2 (and I doubt there is another body on the market with a so accurate AF due to an amzing Dualpixel system.
The 400000 shooting life with 400$ exchange by CPS is important too with 1D séries.
If i would choose only one body, 1dxIII even at 20 MP will still be my choice in the near future as a strongest body available.. the R is more like a game with amazing lenses to play but EVF is still to jerky in continuous shooting.
I understand why flagships for pro will stay for a while D6 or 1DxIII.

jim blair's picture

Another spec chasing video from someone who has zero clue regarding the purpose of the 1d bodies because you only spend a week with one. Pro's don't just have one body, they have many so this ideology that you just need one all-purpose body is stupid. The R family of bodies and lens can't fulfill the sports shooter today, stop wasting time with this idiocy.

LA M's picture

Are you serious?

Set aside what you think of the guy you have any idea how long he's been in the picture taking business?

It's one thing to give hopped up opinions after "reviewing" a camera for a couple days then sending it back. It's a complete other situation to use various cameras intimately for extended periods of time under full load. It sharpens what you actually need/want/prefer.

jim blair's picture

It's not about him, it's message he's delivering is just nonsense. I don't care how long he's been in the business, actual experience is more critical to task at hand. If I wanted speculation, I'll read the rumor websites.

Yin Ze's picture

here we go again.... btw the guy on this video has probably made more money than most commenters on this site with his canon gear. the 1dx series is like that cell phone michael douglas was using on the beach in wall street.

Tom Beckman's picture

Clearly it's not for him. For sports a mirrorless body is not where it needs to be yet. So for sports this body is top. No question. Mirrorless is not the end all. People need to stop acting like it is. There's other shooters out there that need what you dont need. Get over it.

Rayann Elzein's picture

What's the point of this video on a camera that's not even out yet? Shut the f... up and stop wasting bandwidth with this kind of nonsense. Thanks.

Benoit Pigeon's picture

While I'm not impressed with the language, I must say that I agree with you that these guys are looking too far into the future.

Rayann Elzein's picture

Well sorry for the language. Maybe I should simply stop visiting Fstopper so that I don't get annoyed anymore by all those nonsense articles that once in a while make me just lose it. By the way, they're not just "looking too far into the future". They're just creating content for the sake of creating content, because that is what makes their Youtube channel earn them some (big) money.

Nico Gees's picture

Well, sorry, but that makes no sense on different layers. He´s talking about 5D aspects and views, that are not relevant for the usual 1D user

What is often forgotten is the positioning of the cameras. This may be due to the fact that amateur photographers have caused a shift in the shoppers and camera lifecycle.
There used to be the 1Ds for people / professionals etc. call it as you like. And the 1D (MKIV) for sports.
Than the 5D came on the market and the wedding and people photographers in the Canon universe changed from their 40Ds, etc. to the 5D class. The split of the 1D series made more and more sense and with the introduction of the 1Dx the Canon universe fit again. There were the 1 for sports and the 5 for people. That may sound a little bit easy generalized, but in essence it is.

If you keep that in mind and than listen to these three points, it sounds like apples and pears.
He is right with all points, if he would have a 5D MKX in hand. Only with the 1er is the nonsense.

1. RF Mount.
The 1er is a camera for sports and definitely for people who earn their money with their gear. Those buy their equipment, as it has been explained so many times, just not because any nerd factors like "oh yes, a new toy" but only after „brings advantages to my work„ And if you have a lens park, grown over years, you might be annoyed if Canon would change the mount - even if you would be able to use your lenses with an adapter. Of course, it´s a mental thing, but from a marketing view, that would be a risk you never wanna fight.

2. video function
The video function is basically a cosmetic. You´ve got the standards we would expected in the new 1Dx - it´s "ok" :D. Should you build experimental features in a camera that is primarily for pros? Maybe something as unpredictable as the touch bar in the Eos R? Or does one rather stay with proven that fits to a workhorse also?

3. form factor
Well, what can you say about that? If the 1D is too big, please choose the R or a 5D. You can not say more about that. It's not like you do not have the choice in the Canon universe.

Looking at the new features of the camera from the point of view of those who are focused and positioned for this camera, that sounds quite different.
Faster, better autofocus, better in low light, but the same user interface and probably about the same file size. For the one who does sports on the paper reads first very well (I know a lot of football sports photographers already waiting for the new 1D) And that's my last point - on paper. I am annoyed by so-called-reviews about products that are not even in the market. Of which there is not even a prototype the press had in hand etc. This is Vlogger / Blogger Bullshit Bingo

Rayann Elzein's picture

Exactly! Thank you.

Deleted Account's picture

What a complete waste of time watching this ridiculous video. Some big mouth telling nonsense. I can't stand all those wannabe experts talking about nothing to generate traffic. Just get yourself a smaller form factor and be happy. Jeez!

Zane Nail's picture

Everyone has an opinion. As for me I'll continue using the best in the form of the 1D X Mark III with my EF line up as my RF line up continues to grow. Then I will still be using the 1DX3.

My 2 cents I love photography, I love all the gear and if you love something and are lucky enough to do it for a living why act like there can only be one tool for the job. I have multiple bodies and lenses and if the right pro camera comes out DSLR or Mirrorless I will add it to my kit. Why because it gives me enjoyment and compliments my work by adding more options and quality to my work.

If you personally don't like a camera i think it's best to keep opinions to myself. If it's a real world review then by all means I would post it with the findings. I am not much into speculation on something even if it is an area of expertise I would much read how and why it works or doesn't. Not I don't like it because it's outdated a thing of the past or in my opinion to expensive.

Hope everyone has a great week and gets time to get out and shoot some.