Trigger Happy Simplifies Cable Release

Not that your standard cable release is obsolete but Trigger Happy is an innovative cross platform mobile app that allows for easy camera control with phone, tablet or iPad. Born out of a Kickstarter campaign last year, the app, when combined with a three foot audio cable that is included with purchase, can fire most Nikon, Canon, Sony and Olympus DSLRs. It is now available and fulfilled by Amazon.

Trigger Happy functions as more than a simple shutter release as it features the ability for long exposures, a programmable intervalometer and HDR mode and time-lapse Bramping capabilities. Available here and in the App store and on Google Play, Trigger Happy can be a primary cable release or a nice easy backup solution in a gear emergency.

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Are you having a laugh? These guys ripped off hundreds of Kickstarter backers. Triggertrap ($30 + free app) or ioShutter ($69 + $7 app) are much better options.

"Ripping off" is a bit harsh no? There is room for multiple apps in the market.

Deserved. Look up their Kickstarter campaign and look at the comments, or check out the reviews on Google Play!

Triggertrap has pretty bad reviews on GooglePlay as well. Have you used it personally?

Like I've said before, I've had terrible struggles with TriggerTrap.

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Maybe so, but I have been told directly by triggertrap, that they've recently hired a new developer for android to fix the problems with their android software.

Great luck with TriggerTrap. I'm guessing the Android users are the only one's with issues.

Define "much better options". I was an initial backer for $50, and received my Trigger Happy last June. It works great. My guess is that you've never used TH and are talking out of your butt.

I backed this on Kickstarter and got one for my 5dii and it's a piece of crap. I actually think it's the cable. I initially thought that my pocket wizard shutter release cable would work but the trigger happy guys had to go and make a proprietary cable so they could charge for "hardware". It rarely triggers correctly and when it does there is a massive delay even after playing with the delay settings. Also, if you get a phone call in the middle of your most unforgettable timelapse, you'll have to start over. Not worth the headache even at the cheap price.

it says in the video that you can use any standard audio minijack cable? ANd if youre gonna use it for time-lapse put you're phone in flight mode! DUH!

Are you watching videos and responding as though you've actually used this product? If you didn't catch the part where I said that I backed the project, read up. I heard what all they said it would do, and it doesn't work. "DUH" ? Are you two years old?

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Do you guys ever write a negative review? Did you even use the app yourself? It's laden with bugs and hasn't been updated in months. As the others have mentioned, Triggertrap is a much better product.

I've noticed this, although TriggerTrap doesn't have the greatest ratings on Android devices either.

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I've not used TT on Android, only on iOS and it's been rock solid for me.

Not for me.

This isn't a review dude. Just news.

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When reported news - would it be possible to use multiple sources.

after reading the comments I'm like. CRAP where is the unlike button.

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they had to have been able to find a better spokesperson for their product

I think you might have mentioned the terrible reviews and dissatisfaction with this. Your description is really rosy. The complaints below seem valid.

I use ioShutter (You asked what I use on Facebook) with good results... I mean, who doesn't want to "Clap to Snap" really... Fun times

I use this

Needs a rooted phone, but its a superb app

I use DSLR controller too, and it's a great app, but your phone doesn't have to be rooted as long as the kernel has USB host support (most android 3.1< devices do...)

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wow after reading the USER REVIEWS for this, I wouldn't accept this as a gift.(for free)

Hard to believe fstoppers would endorse this without reading the reviews first. This is a disaster.

Last year, I contacted both companies to do a review, and the folks at TriggerTrap were the only ones that got back to me.

Here is my review from then:

Basically, if your SHORTEST exposure for HDR work is 1 second PLUS, then TriggerTrap is what you want, at least with my setup...

TT also seems to have a more 'techy' GUI...

My free two cents...